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Dominic Knight, host of ABC 702's evening program - Al-Qaeda affiliates in Syria are like Aussie diggers in WW1

Pro-"Syria" sentiment is a fashionable cause at the ABC, which recently dedicated 3 hours of nationwide radio network time to a fundraising radiothon for the "Syria" issue.

Civilised elements of Australian society rightly condemn any Australian who breaks the law by travelling to Syria to fight in that country's internecine armed conflict.

But that is not the position adopted by the ABC's Dominic Knight, who appeared on Paul Murray Live on Sky News on Sunday evening.   I happened to watch the program live on Sunday and could not believe the following exchange as it happened.

Here's reader J with the details taken from her email to me earlier today.

Michael. I haven't seen any coverage of this anywhere yet.

Another example of ABC out of control. 
On Sunday night on Paul Murray's TV show, Dominic Knight from the ABC radio in Sydney tried to argue that young Australians going to fight in Syria were no different to Australian soldiers going off to fight in WW1. 
There was a huge argument between Knight and Jason Morrison and David Oldfield on TV and they had to throw to a break to end it. 
Sorry it took a day but I ordered the transcript for this as Knight should be called out for his irrational comparison. I looked into who he was and Knight is a member of the Chaser team. How classically ABC!
ABC out of control. Josie. 
KNIGHT: Can we just stop for a second. Here we have four white Australian males expressing views on Syrians who want to return to fight for what's right in their homeland.

MORRISON: Well that might be your romantic view of things but I'll point out that many of the people you say are heading home, their home is here. They were born here. Bankstown, Liverpool, Westmead hospitals. Yeah sure have passions about what's going on over there but it's a very different thing  - a very worrying thing for Australia that they choose to fly to the other side of planet, pick up an AK47 and fight with Al-Qaeda in somebody else's war...

KNIGHT : ...Somebody else's war you say? Plenty of Australians historically have fought in other people's wars. Are you as outraged about say Australian soldiers dying in Britain's wars? In George Bush's war? 

MORRISON : are you serious? 
KNIGHT : I am. 
MORRISON : That's a justification in your mind for young Australians joining up with the associates of terrorists to fight? You bring up 1914, World War One to prove your point. For God's sake.
KNIGHT : well they weren't Australia's wars. I don't see any difference. 

MORRISON : you see no difference between Australians fighting with the sanction of their country in declared wars like the First World War and those fighting with the terrorists today in Syria? They're just like the diggers are they?
KNIGHT : no it's just a comparison and I think it's too easy to condemn these men today..

MORRISON : ...Oh yeah everything is excusable isn't it. That is a ridiculous comparison actually. Actually let's call it what is is really - utter bullshit.
This is Dominic Knight who holds a taxpayer funded job at the ABC presenting 3 hours of live radio daily.
Dominic knight
I take some personal offence at Mr Knight's false assertion that these forebears of mine:
My family
have the same standing as these enemies of our nation and civilised society.
Al qaeda