How much are Labor members into Craig Thomson for now? Labor and HSU members must be thrilled with choosing Thomson.
From today's Media section in The Australian - summer line-up on the radio

From Strewth in The Australian today - A Question of Ethics!

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Questions of ethics


THE AWU affair will reach a turning point today. A beak in the Melbourne Magistrates Court is set to rule if police can inspect documents at Slater & Gordon over which Julia Gillard's old beau Bruce Wilson has claimed privilege. And in an amazing coincidence news has broken that the matter is set to feature in a new edition of a legal ethics textbook. Not just any textbook. One of the former PM's pursuers, broadcaster Michael Smith, who broke the news, says the work, Inside Lawyers' Ethics, has already been reprinted several times and is considered to be an authoritative text. "We must be aware of the ethical issues that arise in practice and of our own values and predispositions," authors Christine Parker and Adrian Evans write in the opening chapter. Their book certainly doesn't shy away from hard questions in its case study on the $400,000 siphoned off from the AWU Workplace Reform Association. "Did Slater & Gordon have a moral and/or a legal obligation to go to the police when they first became aware of the fraud," it asks. "Independently of Slater & Gordon's position, did Ms Gillard have an obligation as a legal practitioner to inform the AWU or the police?"