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If only Baltimore had Sarah Hanson Young's wisdom, experience and leadership none of this could have happened

UPDATED WITH PADCAM IMAGES - this is what business development looks like when you don't understand business


This is Kevin Rudd in the aftermath of Labor's "industry assistance package" for the home insulation industry after TheRudd catastrophic industry intervention.

Nothing can bring back the lads killed in the scheme and we must neer lose sight of the fact they were killed because of it.  I pay my respect to their families.

While their loss is financial, I'd ask you to consider the legitimate businesses who were sailing along nicely and the people behind them planning futures together when wham!   Every carpetbagger with a biro and a pad of forms descended on kitchen tables across the country to get the $1600 rebate, then the $1200  rebate, then foil insulation got cut out - then one Friday afternoon, wham!   No more business and tonnes of unsaleable imported ceiling insulation in warehouses and unemployed people.

Here is the response of the great white hope.   Whenever you hear "industry assistance package" from a government be afraid.   Be very afraid.


Check out what TheRudd did with the pad!!!!!

Rudd with the pad Have your pad back will ya

Mate did I borrow that pad from you?  here have it back, the photo op is over.


No more pad


See you later losers