The Chief Justice of the Federal Court should let us know - does Justice Bernard Murphy enjoy the Court's confidence?
Fairfax and The Age were right on top of that internet thing and newspapers in 1997

Barry O'Farrell seems happiest doing nothing. Note to Barry's staff, let him play to his strength.

I've learned a few things from life.

Tall good looking people get promoted faster.

Sales and marketing don't like each other.

The way to deal with psychopaths is never to deal with psychopaths.

Why would anyone who could avoid it buy into the mad-as-a-cut-snake crews from Syria and their difficulties in getting along with each other?

Australia is out of range for improvised rockets launched in the Middle East.   Thus far it's not been our drama.  

The war is about Syria's bad team trying to prove how good they are by killing everyone in Syria's other bad team.

No-one who aspires to Australian citizenship and the character test wants to be involved.    So no one here in their right mind would find a way in, right?

No-one except Barry.  Out came the Premier of NSW letterhead and in no time flat it bore a beauty of a statesman's letter mourning the passing of true, genuine and widely somethinged inspirational guy whose loss will be keenly somethinged by all the someones.   A respected cleric who died the death of a glorious martyr.  Or got exterminated like a snake-mother simpering mongrel dog.   He was from one of the teams.  Buggered if I know which one, neither did Barry but apparently the plan was based on the letter playing well with that uniquely homogenised, superbly led and spectacularly well-disciplined group who'll all be together as one after this round of fighting. 

Barry, I'd give the international statesman endorsements a very wide berth.   It's just an observation, but in endorsing a murder-guy who thinks in terms like "kill the Jews" you might make more enemies than friends.  

And here's a quick note for present and future Barry staffers.  Keep an eye on the NSW Premier letterhead and be careful what you let him use it for.  Also try to google self-appointed sheiks who want their guys to kill the guys who follow other self-appointed sheiks (plus all the Jews, both sides have reached general agreement on that crazy antic, goes without saying).  

Barry's letterhead has granted official State of NSW recognition to one of the celebrity players as having achieved NSW's coveted "respected cleric" status.   NSW should be more careful about who it annoints with the chrism of the "respected cleric" lest George drops the Sunday Tele column and pulls up stumps because the title just doesn't mean what it used to.  We need an alert NSW-Twitter-feed oriented Premier to make sure that doesn't happen.  

Barry so far as bilaterals between Syria and NSW are concerned, do a Bazza Fawlty.  Don't mention the war.

Here's The Australian with their report.

Premier sent letter of condolence for radical

NSW Premier Barry O'Farrell sent a condolence letter to the supporters of an "extremist" sheik known to security agencies in August 2012 after the cleric was killed alongside rebel fighters in Syria.

The letter mourned the death of 30-year-old Sunni sheik Mustapha al-Majzoub, whose public lectures vilified Syria's minority Alawite sect as "enemies against Islam" and urged people to join "the highest level of jihad" against them.

Majzoub -- whose moderate brother, Fedaa, campaigned for the NSW Liberals in 2011 -- claimed "the Jews" were "criminals", that natural disasters were Allah's "punishments" and compared magic tricks to "urinating on a copy of the Koran".

A week after Majzoub's death on August 27, 2012, Sydney newspaper An-Nahar published an Arabic statement from Mr O'Farrell mourning the death of the "respected cleric".

That was five days after The Australian quoted intelligence sources that said Majzoub was "known to law enforcement and the intelligence community for extremist views" and links to other persons of interest.

Mr O'Farrell was quoted as saying Majzoub's "death gives us a sad lesson that conflicts abroad, even if they were far away, can touch the lives of community members, and therefore we feel today how lucky we are to be living in the harmonious, pluralistic and diverse Australian society".

Majzoub's public lectures, shared via YouTube, depict a staunch recruiter for the Syrian rebellion who claimed that Alawite Muslims were "enemies against Islam" who "don't worship Allah" and "had a hand with every disbeliever who attacked our lands" including the 13th-century Mongols and 20th-century French. "What they are doing is beyond imagination," he said, adding "the Jews . . . are criminals too".