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All frogs (and tadpoles) are protected in NSW under the National Parks and Wildlife Act, and it is against the law to take them from the wild

I agree with World Vision's aim, not its method

World Vision's goal is admirable - to help little girls avoid the horror of rape.

This ad was in today's The Australian online (I've cut the donate bit off the bottom because while I agree with World Vision's aims, I don't support their methods).

World vision


One effective way to achieve World Vision's goal is to help the Muslim world extract itself from its dark ages and its belief that what its prophet Mohammed said is right.

Mohammed was wrong when he said it was OK to rape 9 year olds, he was criminally wrong when he raped Aisha and it is wrong now to act out his criminal way of life.

Rather than spending money on it, I think that more and more light bulbs need to go on in people's heads.   You can help.   Start by telling your leaders that you expect them to stand up to Mohammed's followers by telling them it's wrong to follow his way.