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Setting the record straight on 1735099 Bob Whittaker, 5 Platoon, B Company 7RAR SVN 1970

I've just received an email from Bob Whittaker.

Bob's website is here.

His website promotes his book which you can purchase at his website.

Thank you for your service Bob, ostensibly rendered for the likes of me.

Here is the comment from 1735099 that I published on my website this morning.

One of the best aspects of living in regional Queensland is that I can't listen to the muck daily slung around by you and your pathetic excuse for a radio station.

To think that I spent time on operational service in SVN ostensibly fighting for the likes of you.

You are a professional smear merchant, making a living out of selling hate and lies to the highest bidder.

Thank Christ for the ABC......


And here is Bob's email to me just now.


Mr Smith


I refer to a comment posted on your story -


The comment posted by “Geoff U” reads as follows –


said in reply to 1735099...

1735099, if you are quoting your Army number, there is no record of your service, in SVN. Your Army number will be sent to ANZMI and your real identity established.

Reply Thursday, 09 January 2014 at 09:00 AM


This questioning of my service (I was a conscript, by the way) is deeply offensive to me and probably many Vietnam Veterans, especially those conscripted and ending up in Infantry battalions as I did. It continues the disgraceful treatment of veterans of Vietnam, over forty years after the event.

To be threatened by a referral to an agency which exposes military fraud because this person disagrees with my comment is cowardly and hateful behaviour. Perhaps you could consider the quality of the individuals attracted to your site.

By the way, I post using my regimental number (which I reckon I have the right to use as I please given I didn’t ask for it and it was assigned to me by the then Coalition government).

My service can be verified quickly using the Nominal Roll -

I am politely requesting –

  1. Remove the offending comment.
  2. Issue a brief apology for allowing it to be posted



Thank you

Bob Whittaker

Ex - 5 Platoon B Company 7RAR SVN 1970

Bob whittaker