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Thank you from Ralph and Ruby Blewitt.

Hi Michael and MS bloggers.

Well what a surprise Ruby got!   We just returned from New Years Eve in Penang to a pile of Christmas cards.

The look on Ruby's face was worth a million $ Ruby still cannot believe that Aussies are so generous in their good wishes to the both of us.

I would like to thank everyone - there's too many to list but here's a few G & M of Redcliff Qld, J K of Concord NSW, Denise C Qld, Ted & Joan Kensington NSW,  "Eternal Optimist", Mrs G New Lambton NSW,  Richard Subiaco WA, Val M Qld, Helen B & Family Sth Yarra Victoria, Liz of Sandringham, Warren C ??, Keith D Postage paid Guernsey, Jacky D NSW, Robert W SA, Peter B WA, John H.. NT, Alan & Heather Georges Hall NSW (sorry mate not a winner) and there's many more; too many to mention sorry for anyone I did not list and thank you all for your kind words of support to Ruby and myself.

I don't want to offend anyone so in advance I'm  sorry but I must make a special mention to Noel U of Condon Queensland.   Noel typed a letter, I'm going to quote from Noel's letter and I'm sure he won't mind.

"It came as no real surprise to me to learn that you,Ralph, are an ex-Royal Australian Regiment digger.  It was ever our wont to protect the most deserving in our society, was it not?

I am glad that you and Bob Kernohan have met and that you are comfortable with each other.He is a man who has suffered much and deserves to be able to put this matter to rest. Although I want to see his suffering vindicated also, I don't believe that that is his priority.

He strikes me as wanting the crims caught and not necessarily vengeance for himself. In that he reminds me of Weary Dunlop's ability to forgive and his understanding that bitterness is a soul destroyer.

Ruby,I know that you have also suffered through the accusations leveled at Ralph,and I applaud your fortitude. I trust that with the impending court cases the insults aimed at Ralph and which you have endured will be soothed."

Noel is also a Royal Australian Regiment digger of 3 RAR. Thank you Brother - Duty First.

Please publish this Michael as it's the only way Ruby and I can say thank you.

Best Regards  

Ralph Blewitt.

PS: Ruby cried reading the cards and letters.


Here's a photo I took of Ralph in Melbourne

Ralph in melbourne

Ralph service