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The Greens want to ban the Lord's Prayer from being said in our parliament

This is Richard di Natale who doesn't have to join in for the Lord's Prayer now, he can just stand there and think of something else.   But that's not enough for The Greens.   They want to ban everyone else from saying the prayer.   Totalitarian turds.

Green di natale

Greens want the Lord's Prayer dumped from federal parliament sittings

THE Australian Greens want the Lord's Prayer dropped from the opening of each day's federal parliament sittings.

Acting Greens leader Richard Di Natale says the use of the prayer is outmoded and does not reflect modern multi-faith Australian society.

It was introduced in June 1901, and at the time the House of Representatives decided the Speaker and not an official parliamentary chaplain should lead the prayer.

Senator Di Natale said he would ask a committee to take a fresh look at the prayer, with a view to removing it from the standing orders and replacing it with a secular opening statement.

"What we need to do is ensure the tradition of separation of church and state is reinforced," he said.

"We are here to represent everybody - we are here to represent people of all faiths, people who don't have a strong religious faith.

"We are a pluralist, multicultural society and the Australian parliament should reflect that."

He said it was particularly a problem when the government's own education review panel was using it as evidence of the need for more religious teaching in schools.

In 1918 the parliamentary standing order was changed to add a preface before the prayer, that beseeches God to "direct and prosper" the deliberations of parliament for the "true welfare of the people of Australia".

A parliamentary committee in 1972 considered a submission from an MP for a different form of prayer, which would only be said once a sitting week, but the committee rejected the idea.

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