Reaction to the Royal Commission from Bob Kernohan, Kathy Jackson and the ABC (who think they caused it!)
Bill Shorten can tell the ABC's 730 program "I have no idea". It won't go down so well with a Royal Commissioner.

Julia Gillard is under police investigation for fraud. The Chief Magistrate ruled her legal work was to further that fraud. Tony Abbott must object to her World Bank Education Fund position.

Earlier today Hedley Thomas brought us the news that Julia Gillard was being considered for appointment as the Chairman of the Global Partnership for Education.

The entity is responsible for a multi-billion dollar fund of money donated by countries like Australia.

It is a unit of the World Bank with a 19 person Board of Directors, each representing the interests of a particular constituency.  In that sense the Directors are not fiduciaries, rather each brings to the table the interests of his or her constituency.

Board composition

Australia has a $300M financial interest in this organisation.  For that contribution, we have a shared directorship with Spain (as Donor Two director), that is one director represents the combined Spanish/Australian "interest".   Genius.   The Board (committee is more accurate) must by its nature be riven and subject to the loudest voice wins protocol.

The entity was assessed by Australia's DFAT and its report is here.   The entity scored "Weak" for the effectiveness of its aid.   That should be no surprise.   It doesn't have a board of fiduciaries, rather it's a committee of beneficiaries who want more money and donors who have to account for where it's spent.   Good luck.

Our report said:

GPE was established as a ‘global compact’ between low income countries and donor partners. This compact includes that donors harmonise their aid delivery to the sector, help mobilise resources and make them more predictable, while beneficiaries need to demonstrate their commitment through adequate and sustainable domestic financing for education.

The role of the Chairman is as a fiduciary responsible for the entity.   The Chairmanship is separate from the directors of the Board/Committee.   The Chairman's appointment is not a rotational selection from directors, rather the appointment seems to be made in its own right.

I've included the Chairman's job description at the end of this piece.

Hedley Thomas reports

It is understood Ms Gillard has confirmed her availability and that the Abbott government will not object. However, the drive to lower costs and expenditures is expected to determine whether Australia should continue to make significant contributions.

The Abbott Government is duty-bound to object.   It must object.   It has no choice, it has no latitude, no room for a judgement call or the granting of some benefit arising from doubts about Ms Gillard's integrity.   There is no doubt as to her suitability to act in a role with responsibility for stewardship over some billions of dollars of other people's money.   She carries a finding of having acted (as a lawyer) in the furtherance of fraud.   She cannot escape it, it is simply a fact of her life.   And her troubles extend beyond that.

Julia Eileen GILLARD is a suspect currently under investigation for offences of Fraud, Conspiracy to Cheat and Defraud and Making and Using False Instruments (forgery).   She further faces an investigation by the Legal Services Board of Victoria for certain of her conduct as a lawyer in the 1990s.

Tony Abbott is no doubt well advised about the contemporary zeitgeist and its received wisdom which holds that Ms Gillard is somehow cocooned from and free of guilty connections with her actions as a lawyer in The AWU Scandal.   That notion is pure wishful thinking on Gillard's part.   For others, like Mr Abbott whose first duty is to the nation, not to his "niceness" ranking, the zeitgeist could better be described as bullshit.   Irrelevant, misleading bullshit and unworthy of being considered as a legitimate factor in an assessment of what's right for Australia.

The Chief Magistrate of Victoria has ruled on the matter of Gillard's involvement in The AWU Scandal.   Every piece of legal advice, every document created, every bit of work done by Ms Gillard in the AWU WRA Inc was done in the furtherance of fraud.   The standard of proof used in the Chief Magistrate's deliberations was lower than the "beyond reasonable doubt" threshold for the proof of criminal conduct, and his findings were made "on the papers" and ex-parte so far as Ms Gillard's right to a defence were concerned - but the Chief Magistrate's assessment of her conduct as a lawyer was scathing and it is a finding of law and fact.

Gillard is being actively investigated for fraud by a dedicated group of detectives from Victoria Police's Major Fraud Squad.   She is named as a person of interest in a Search Warrant issued by the Magistrates Court and executed by police on her former law offices.  I am in the unique position of being the complainant in the matter after lodging an official complaint to Victoria Police naming her and describing her conduct which I say was criminal and which is being investigated by police.   I am advised as to the progress of my complaint.   She is a suspect.   She is being actively investigated for fraud.

Tony Abbott and his advisers might think that it would be churlish, or it would make Tony look mean-spirited to knock back Gillard in the Global Partnership Role.   Her PR team, aided by a complicit and barracking media has been resolute in its risible claim that she did nothing wrong.   But that cover-all statement is untrue and at odds with the Chief Magistrate's findings.  She did things to further her de-facto's frauds.  She is being investigated by Victoria Police for serious fraud offences.   By failing to speak up and to object to her appointment in the World Bank Education chairmanship, the Abbott Government is putting its "nice guy" reputational interests firsts and Australia's interests second.

Julia Gillard is an offender, a named and known reputed thief who has a finding that she "furthered a fraud" against her.   The ruling sets out the potential charges (conspiracy to defraud, fraud and making and using false instruments) in which she is a suspect in the current investigation by Victoria Police.

Tony, put Australia first. Knock her back.   Send a message that we don't do business with crooks any more.


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