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Bill Shorten based his HSU application to the Federal Court on the contents of a FWA Report 7 days before he was allowed to access it.

Ma'am, have you ever committed an offence involving moral turpitude?

I find that in each instance the communication was made or the document created in the furtherance of fraud.   Chief Magistrate Peter Lauritsen.


9 FAM 40.21(a) N2.2 Defining “Moral Turpitude”

(CT:VISA-1506; 09-07-2010)

Statutory definitions of crimes in the United States consist of various elements, which must be met before a conviction can be supported. Some of these elements have been determined in judicial or administrative decisions to involve moral turpitude. A conviction for a statutory offense will
involve moral turpitude if one or more of the elements of that offense have been determined to involve moral turpitude. The most common elements involving moral turpitude are:

  1. Fraud
  2. Larceny
  3. Intent to harm persons or things

Common Crimes Involving Moral Turpitude

Categorized below are some of the more common crimes, which are considered to involve moral turpitude. Each category is followed by a U.S. Department of State separate list of related crimes, which are held not to involve moral turpitude.

a) N2.3-1 Crimes Committed Against Property

Most crimes committed against property that involve moral turpitude include the element of fraud. The act of fraud involves moral turpitude whether it is aimed against individuals or government. Fraud generally involves:

(1) Making false representation;
(2) Knowledge of such false representation by the perpetrator;
(3) Reliance on the false representation by the person defrauded;
(4) An intent to defraud; and
(5) The actual act of committing fraud

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