A Royal Commission into Trade Union Governance and Corruption. For Bob and Ian and all those who can remember.
Julia Gillard is under police investigation for fraud. The Chief Magistrate ruled her legal work was to further that fraud. Tony Abbott must object to her World Bank Education Fund position.

Reaction to the Royal Commission from Bob Kernohan, Kathy Jackson and the ABC (who think they caused it!)


Statement from Kathy Jackson, HSU National Secretary

HSU National Secretary, Kathy Jackson, today welcomed the federal government’s announcement of a royal commission on union corruption, including in the HSU.


Ms Jackson said that she had been calling for a royal commission into her own union since the report of an inquiry by Mr Ian Temby QC into the affairs of HSU East was released.


“I believe corruption in the HSU goes much deeper than Michael Williamson and Craig Thomson,” she says..


“There are many senior HSU officials, still running the union, that have, at the very least, enabled or ignored evidence of corruption.


“Members of the HSU deserve to know who they are."


Ms Jackson said that she also was happy, as she understand it, that the Commission’s terms of reference will allow it to look at slush funds.


“Large, secret slush funds in unions is a major problem in undermining’ democratic processes.  Labor powerbrokers use these funds to manipulate union elections as part of ALP internal power-plays.


“Union members and the public have a right to know what’s been going on here”.


Ms Jackson slammed the response of the ACTU, HSU officials and the federal opposition who have opposed the Royal Commission.


“The line that we need only greater resources for the police is a mere ruse.


“The police can only investigate criminal matters and can only bring charges when there’s proof of crime beyond a reasonable doubt.


“But the Commission will be able to make recommendations for regulatory or legislative change and can expose conduct that, if not criminal, is nevertheless politically corrupt in the wider sense and against the interests of union members and the public.



Ms Jackson said that public statement by HSU NSW Branch Secretary, Gerard Hayes, that he had put in place all the necessary reforms were “nauseating”;


“Hayes was the right-hand man of Williamson and was elected only with $500,000 election funds of unknown origin.  No wonder he’s now saying `move along, nothing to see here'.  I can see why he doesn’t want a Royal Commission”.


Kathy Jackson


And finally, where would we be without the ABC!   After putting in the hard yards for 2 whole weeks, the ABC is claiming credit for the Royal Commission.




Attorney-General George Brandis yesterday confirmed that the Government will establish a royal commission into corruption in the union movement, after a fortnight in which the ABC and Fairfax Media have revealed widespread bribery and other wrongdoing in the construction industry.