One of these websites has never been hacked or hosted Malware - - -
Craig Thomson finding this morning in the Melbourne Magistrates' Court - proven or not proven

Relief. Overwhelming, indescribable relief. Google's block is gone.

Thank you for your support during the most difficult week we have had together.

Google's analytics program tells me more than 1 million people have visited our site - Google knows who you are.   About 80% of you are regular visitors.   I feel an awesome responsibility to you - because it's my name, my photo and my responsibility to make sure everything I publish for you is the truth.

So here is the simple truth today in this video.  

 The two screen grabs are below - the first is from last night, the second was the same link just refreshing the browser this morning.   One click of the mouse and hey presto, we are no longer suspicious.

Exhibit One - this site is listed as suspicious, visiting this site may harm your computer.


Exhibit two - michaelsmithnews same link after absolution by Googlic degree


I have learned a few things in life.

In Australia, be ye ever so high, you are not above the law.   Google is not the law.   Nor is it beyond its reach.   Google is like a radio broadcaster, when you broadcast here you are subject to our defamation laws, our trade practice laws and our GAGM*.  We're not in Kansas anymore Dorothy.

It pays to stick to what you do best.   I set up to tell you the truth about The AWU Scandal.  Along the way many great people have sent ideas about how to "monetise" what I do here.  I told you a year ago I will not set up a subscription based paywall business, where readers are charged a fee.  Running a subscription payment business is fraught with distracting drama - as this week with a free of charge website that got the Google treatment has demonstrated.

Just over a year ago I negotiated and concluded an agreement for ads to appear on this site.  The ads went up and I've received money due up until February 2013 and lots of excuses since then.  I have learned not to do business with Richard Gregor LANDON.

Our site has not been compromised.  I don't have a database of your details to worry about losing.   It is business as usual.

With the Royal Commission into unions we will be very busy here this year.

I have slept very little this week in trying to deal with the Google issue.   All I feel now is relief that the false accusations have stopped.   I'll deal with the legal fallout in a few days - for now I need a break and I am going to take one.

I will be in the car shortly driving to the country.  Speak to you after a little rest.

Thanks again for your support.


*Generally Accepted Good Manners.   For Americans