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Senator Sue Lines's lines got a bit jumbled yesterday

Last year Labor Senator Chris Evans resigned from the Senate and the Labor Party put Sue Lines forward to replace him.

Sue lines

Here's her bio.

Parliamentary service

  • Chosen by the Parliament of Western Australia on 15.5.2013 under section 15 of the Constitution to represent that State in the Senate, vice the Hon. CV Evans (resigned)(term ends 30.6.2017).

Party positions

  • Member, ALP State Executive (WA) from 1990.
  • Member, ALP Administrative Committee (WA) 1990-98.
  • Delegate, ALP State Conference (WA) from 1990.
  • Member, various ALP Policy Committees (WA) from 1990.
  • Delegate to ALP National Conference from 2000.
  • Member, ALP National Executive from 2002.
  • Member, ALP National Policy Committee 2007-09.
  • Delegate to NSW ALP Conference (NSW) from 2007.
  • Member, NSW ALP Education and Training Policy Committee (NSW).
  • Vice-President, Sydney Federal Electorate Council from 2008.

Qualifications and occupation before entering Federal Parliament

  • BEd (Murdoch).
  • Teacher 1984-85.
  • Community organiser 1985-87.
  • Organiser, United Voice 1987-2001.
  • Assistant Branch Secretary, United Voice 2001-07.
  • Assistant National Secretary, United Voice 2007-13.

A union gal through and through with lots of favours racked and stacked over those years.  

Yesterday the Business Council of Australia - natural enemy of the union movement - appeared before Senator Lines and she wasn't going to let the chance go by without putting the business council right in its place.