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Bad judgement eventually catches you out - NSW Education Minister Adrian Piccoli

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What do these people not get?

If there's anything Australians hate to see it's do-nothing politicians abusing the trappings of public office at our expense. 

The Daily Telegraph reports today NSW Education Minister Adrian Piccoli has been sprung taking a  trip to Vietnam to witness the signing of a document ....that had been already signed.

In other words, your classic political junket.

Cost to the public - $20,000. Benefit to the public - nil. 

Piccoli is your classic fake conservative - a lefty in a Liberal/National Government who takes the path of least resistance just about always. 

He has some significant judgements issues. You might recall he was the first education minister in the country to run to Gillard to sign up for Gonski while everyone else knew it was an unfunded load of bull.

Today's report says Piccoli apparently tried to work in a bit of shopping on the way back by getting his department to look for opportunities to allow him to visit other places. 

Oldest trick in the book, that one.


Fair dinkum .. when will they learn?