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Kevin Rudd, first Australia the world

By Jason Morrison


Kevin Rudd spent four years and tens of millions of borrowed Australian taxpayers dollars donating (bribing) nations around the world to buy Australia a seat at the UN security council. 

It was a multi-million dollar tour of vanity and if you have a spare few hours, the 400-plus happy snaps are all still up online. 

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No continent or third world country was spared.

The running joke was he was campaigning for UN Secretary General once he was done with leaving his mark on Australia. Not a joke anymore...

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From Canberra to New York, diplomats are discussing how Rudd is positioning himself to stand for election to the role of United Nations secretary-general when incumbent Ban Ki-moon finishes his second term at the end of 2016.

Since leaving the Australian parliament last November, the former prime minister has crisscrossed the globe, apparently laying the groundwork for his candidacy. Several senior political and diplomatic sources have told The Saturday Paper that Rudd has been approaching foreign governments or their envoys to sound them out about backing his push for the UN leadership.