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Another screw up in the Western Australian re-election

The people at the Royal Commission will get paid to work stuff like this out.

You can read it here first because people who care about the character of people who want to run the show do work like this.   Overnight.   While you were sleeping.

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Every touch leaves a trace.

I thought I would find something on Coverforce but a search of Google also lead me to another company in the insurance business named U-Cover Pty Ltd that has a connection to Coverforce.

These companies share the same office address being Level 12, 9 Castlereagh Street, Sydney and it seems they have a business relationship. U-Cover sells a product to employers called Wageguard to provide insurance coverage to their employees in the event of sickness, injury and death.

Next step was to find out their connection to the Labor Party.

The Australian Electoral Commission's website has a wealth of information on donors to the ALP or its associated entities. It looks like Coverforce Pty Ltd and the insurance broking firm U-Cover Pty Ltd are very much associated and are generous contributors to the ALP through its unions, especially U-Cover and the AMWU.

From the AEC’s website.

Associated Entity Disclosure Return for Australian Manufacturers Worker’s Union for the financial year 2010-2011.,U-Cover has contributed $1,836,836 (shown as other receipt) according to my calculations, to the AMWU. 

and from the AMWU’s 2011-12 return, the amount received from U-Cover is $2,892,155 

This is the AEC’s link to U-Cover’s contributions for 2012-13 We are talking about big money 

This is the link to Coverforce’s contributions to ALP associated entities (ie unions) for 2011-12. The amounts are not as large as U-Cover but large enough - 

It certainly looks like these particular entities are the sugar daddies for certain unions, in particular the AMWU and the CFMEU. I wonder if the policy holders know where some of their inflated premiums end up!!!! What about conflict of interest and disclosure obligations???