Anyone help out with corporate box details for Lance Boyle's ACU 'n' T sponsorship of Origin last night
2GB with Ben Fordham 29 May 2014

Reflect your Respect - Qatar worries about seeing a shoulder. Stonings, Jihad and beheadings, not so much.

Qatar wants you to reflect your respect for its stone-age patriarchy.

Reflect your respect

Here are some ways the Islamist movement could show respect for humanity.

Not chopping off people's heads.

Not stoning women.

Not hanging gay boys.

Maybe you can think of others.


While decent, Sharia-abiding Islamist-folk uncover footy fans with uncovered knees, elsewhere other decent, Sharia-abiding Islamist-folk chuck rocks at a pregnant lady until she is dead.

Honour, strength and love from the Religion of Peace*.


*not a guarantee of peace for the purposes of trade practice law in Australia.


Major problem for the ABC looming if the Peppa the Pig marketing team ever takes up this promotion.