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Trish Crossin should send Julia Gillard a bill for helping out with the legacy

Mark Latham sums up evidence of 3 strangers with eerily similar versions of events. Police call it corroboration.

Who knows what motivates a politician?   Mark Latham in the Fin Review sums up oral evidence at the Royal Commission.

Documents aside, what verbal evidence has come before the commission concerning Gillard? Like a parade of ageing Oompa Loompas, three impish men – Ralph Blewitt, Wayne Hem and Athol James – claimed to remember cash being exchanged in and around her Melbourne home.

Indeed, the nature of their recollections is remarkably similar.

3 men unknown to each other.

The Australian Financial Review is the organ-of-choice for Latham.   Ask your newsagent for your free copy.   It's cheaper than sending it back on the truck.

Some see a bleeding elephant in a snow field.   Mark missed it.

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