Stephen Fenech just tweeted this photo from the Qantas international first class lounge
Final word from Bob Kernohan before his evidence to the Royal Commission tomorrow

No 1 most read story in The Australian today - "Gillard builders to testify"

Gillard builders

And that's only two of the builders - Athol James and Kon Spyridis.

The Zachariah brothers who owned Kew Renovations Pty Ltd aren't on the list - and they received $17,500 from the slush fund Bruce kept.

And for completeness, here is Ralph Blewitt's statement to police made in November 2012 and tendered in evidence at the Royal Commission into Trade Union Governance and Corruption.

Ralph statement to police re renovations (1)_001 Ralph statement to police re renovations (1)_002 Ralph statement to police re renovations (1)_003 Ralph statement to police re renovations (1)_004 Ralph statement to police re renovations (1)_005


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Ian Cambridge outlined how money was moved
from AWU-WRA to AWU Member's Welfare #1 account
among other laundering tricks. Member's Welfare
had payroll deductions and the like and hence
money from AWU-WRA mixed with those hid the
laundering. That's why there were umpteen slushies;
to move them in and out using bank cheques and
cash withdrawals/deposits to hide the source of
the funds.
But fact is, Gillard did not have control of the
renovations; Wilson did. He was the one who engaged
the contractors who were union mates in AWU and
that's how Gillard came to know them.
Gillard didn't have control
of the accounts in the name of the AWU-WRA she set
up, nor did she have control of any other slushie
Wilson had control of. So Gillard could not
have paid for the renovations. But she sure KNEW
it was going on; because she was there when at
least much of it occurred; where cash changed
hands at the behest of Wilson.
There was no extension of her Commonwealth Bank
mortgage to pay for part of the renovations.
So that cuts off another lie.
Wilson engaged the contractors,
controlled the renovations and
paid for it out of the slushies including AWU-WRA.
Then Gillard lied to try and cover that up. But
Gillard knew about the frauds. How could she not,
when only she could've made the AWU-WRA registration
possible through lying about its intent and knowledge
of its operations, then did conveyancing of Kerr
Street & engaged in mortgage fraud and making false
instrument; the power of attorney.
Olive Bresnahan will appear. At some stage Nick
Styant Browne and Martin Ferguson will appear.
Too many instances where Gillard has been in it
up to her neck and left too many fingerprints
that too many people saw. There's no defending this
'house of cards' to borrow a phrase used by Faine and
starting tomorrow, the cards will fall as they may
to leave a hand of Black Friday spades by the end
of the week, which will be used to bury all the
lies for once and for all.

Up The Workers!

Something else for the Royal Commission to look into.

For decades, A.L.P. mis-governments and unions have worked a well-known scam whereby the A.L.P., early in their term, will concoct some pretext for awarding a grant of hundreds of thousands (or millions?) of dollars to a union or unions. (For example, for the desperately urgent necessity to design a surfboard specifically for lesbians, or other such comically dodgy cash give-aways).

The union then "parks" the taxpayer-funded cash in its' bank accounts for a couple of years (or the personal bank account of the union boss and/or his favourite brothel-keeper or keepers).

Come election time, the funds are repatriated and a grant of exactly the same amount as the A.L.P. originally gave to the union, is generously made by the "bwuvvas, the comwads, the rank AND the file", to the A.L.P. to fund its' election war-chest.

As one of her last acts before stepping down as "Prime Spin-ster" of the A.L.P., Juliar Gillard reached into the pockets of the dwindling number of taxpayers of Australia, and pulled out $100 million dollars which she generously "gifted" to the brown-nosed Labor toadies who run the University of Adelaide. Within a week, they announced that they were appointing her as an "honorary Professor", presumably with a handsome salary and/or retainer for the rest of her days. (Gee, I wonder where they got the money for THAT???)

Far be it from me to suggest that her own humble academic achievements (which are eye-wateringly humble in the extreme) do not warrant such a professorship - I'm sure the halls of that august institution are just bulging with "professors" who took 9 years to complete a 4-year undergraduate degree - but it does seem strange to give a professorship to somebody who was sacked from her job; drummed out of her profession; voted out by her own colleagues as Party Leader and Prime Minister; is a "person of interest" to the Royal Commission into Union Corruption, and is the subject of a lengthy investigation by Victoria Police's "Major Fraud Squad".

Once the learned "Professor, Doctor" starts lecturing, will the U. of A. be funding the construction of a new lecture theatre, or will the South Australian Prisons Department have to pick up the tab?

val majkus

Hi Bob
unfortunately I can't watch tomorrow morning but will watch tomorrow afternoon and my thoughts will be with you (as will the thoughts of all your supporters)

Michelle Two

Food for thought in there UTW!..


No wonder Thomson couldn't see anything wrong with booking up his brothel visits on his HSU card, checking up on the union money.

Jane Smith

Sweetie, love, pet....Gillard had "control" over the funds.... You boys just DON't get it, do you kitten....puuurrrrrrrrrr....


I've taken a week of annual leave for this. Can't wait!

Jane Smith

And lets not forget her grant of hundreds of millions to an international education organisation...."what! You want little old ME to be the chair?" The featherbedding makes you sick!

val majkus

go bb! and enjoy your break; on the spot would add extra colour


Gillard knew that Wilsons proposal was unlawful and was thus in position to exercise that power over Wilson within their own personal relationship. All about power through compromised position and conflict of interest.


No, maybe Julia "Gillard could not have paid for the renovations."? But Julia gave those hand picked contractors tea and bickies and complimented them on what a good job they did for such a giveaway price??


Good worthwhile can squeeze the corrupt ABC in there too.

Are the Liberal Government currently reforming the most unsatisfactory Australian Electoral Commission? If not, why not?


It equally "makes you sick" that PM Tony Abbott is honouring, Julia Gillard's dud deal? Especially when there are poor suffering, dying cancer patients in Australia, not being given chemotherapy tablets?

I would of thought that the Treasurer big Joe Hokey would of put that very money and all the rest 'on hold', till the end of big Joe's 'economic emergency'?? And shifted that money to our treasured own in dire need!


I suspect you will not be alone!

Born Free

Hello Jane.You have been very helpful and supportive, as has Michelle 2.Thank you for your contributions and `reasoning prowess`.
Given the persons chosen duty , and mortgage ownership, it seemed like it was her house, not Bruce`s and yet allowed that to all go on, rather than not allow it to manifest.
Given her chosen* role of legal knowledge, why not just put a stop to that?
Whereas Ralph was not of higher edu caliber, nor of legal career choice*, and has cooperated , and admitted his role, in aim to stop further malfeasance.
Again thank you Jane and Michelle.

Maggie 47

"Gillard builders to testify" most read story in The Australian today 9.6.14. I have just travelled for 1 hour 20 mins with my car radio on ABC News Radio, only because the other stations were all footy, not once in that time did the RC get a mention!!

Maggie 47

Another serious observation coupled with wit. Thanks UTW we need humour to cope with Gillard and her cronies.
I am highly amused at the bleatings of Labor about Abbott's overseas jaunt. This from the party who gave us 2 x dud PMs. Rudd/Gillard/Rudd and 2 Prima Donnas for Foreign Ministers Rudd/Carr!!!

Ted Hartford

Did you used to work alongside D/Sgt J.J.R. MacDonald?

Ted Hartford

How would she have control over funds? It is certainly not what Blewitt evidence said, nor what the paper trail shows, using Wilson's signature stamp.

Ted Hartford

Did she use hypnosis to control him? You're such a dreamer.


Blewitt's statement is going to sink Wilson & Gillard in the Royal Commission & the Victorian police investigation.


Go back to sleep Ted.


By having control over Wilson.
Hey Ted do you think Harry used hypnosis on Ralph.

Ted Hartford

No not hypnosis, just more basic.From a wiser head than me,
"A jury would be hearing about Harry Nowicki’s financial interest in the case given he is writing a book and his own dodgy past in ripping someone off and lying in an affidavit. How Mr Nowicki has paid for Ralph Blewitt to come to Australia and how he has helped Mr Blewitt with the police statements."

"Mrs Gillard’s barrister would argue strongly that... Harry Nowicki have been influencing Ralph Blewitt to lie in his police statements for their own gain. Ms Gillard’s barrister does not have to prove this, just show it is a possibility to throw enough doubt into the juries minds about Ralph Blewitt’s credibility. Then the barrister would start laying as much blame as possible on Ralph Blewitt."


Well Ted, we'll wait to see what Ms Gillards barrister, who is at the moment currently on scene at the RC, has to say. Let's not get too esoteric.


Jane Julia would have planned her future long before she was toppled...she is a survivor of the worst kind...she knew that AWU was festering in background so she shored up high profile appointments hoping that they will be good references for her if needed.
Her vitriol and hate towards Tony has not stopped...who do you think is behind all the negative publicity


Ted you are obviously of the belief that Gillard will be brought to trial before a jury in which case she will already have been charged with criminal offences. Obviously you are of the belief yourself that she has committed offences.

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