Eoin Michael O'Neill has been called and sworn
000 emergency call to police from CFMEU official Brian Fitzpatrick after an alleged death threat

Brian Fitzpatrick, former CFMEU official has been sworn and has adopted his witness statement.


Mr Fitzpatrick described joining the CFMEU as an organiser when he was in his 40s after having worked in the construction industry.   He said he was then promoted to be a "co-ordinator"within the CFMEU - he was one of the top 4 or 5 officials in the branch, there was only one co-ordinator, him, looking after a team of 10 or 12 organisers.

Mr Fitzptrick spoke about a Mr George Alex - who was "quite prominent", he came in to represent his own business and small sub-contractors.   He said that Mr Alex would act as a go-between sorting out problems for subbies with the CFMEU, he said that Mr Alex dealt with Brian Parker quite a bit.   It would never be a week that would go by without seeing Mr Alex, sometimes it would be 3 days in a row.

Mr Fitzpatrick spoke about a young indigenous worker who died on a building site.   He said that he heard that the worker worked for Mr Alex.   He said that a Mr Greenfield organised work for the young indigenous worker through a company associated with Mr Alex.

Mr Fitzpatrick spoke about the involvement of a Rita Mallia, the President of the CFMEU in "the arrangement" associated with the employment of the young man.

The Commission has now heard a recording of a 000 call made to police after Mr Fitzpatrick allegedly received a death threat on his mobile phone.

This is the leadup to the 000 call:

 Here is a recording of the 000 call:

Mr Fitzpatrick told the Commission that he later discovered that the alleged death threat against him was not made from the phone account of a person of interest to police against whom an AVO had been made.   Mr Fitzpatrick was shown the number from which the alleged death threat was made, he compared the number with a list of CFMEU officials and their mobile phones and "bang!", there it was, the number came up to a Mr Greenfield.

Mr Fitzpatrick gave evidence that another union official spoke with the official Darren Greenfield, Mr Fitzpatrick was told that Mr Greenfield stated that he Greenfield would destroy Fitzpatrick  - but that Greenfield denied making the death threat.

Mr Fitzpatrick stated that police arrived after his call to 000, he stated that by then he knew that the call came from the official Greenfield rather than the person of interest to police.   He said he told police that he would sort it out internally rather than do the "dog act" of dobbing the other official in to police.   He stated that after the death threat there was a "full frontal attack" to get him (Fitzpatrick) out of the union.

Mr Fitzpatrick stated that he was "run out of the union" for betraying a mate by calling police regarding the death threat.   He said the death threat alleged incident took place in March and that by April the union's committee of management was hearing and recording in minutes the moves to have him (Fitzpatrick) removed from the CFMEU.

Mr Fitzpatrick stated that he believed he was being run out of the CFMEU over his dealings with George Alex.

George alex

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(Sydney crime figure George Alex (right) with former Comanchero Bilal Fatrouni)


Mr Fitzpatrick stated that he believed that the union should "go to war" with Mr Alex and his companies - and as a result certain officials within the CFMEU wanted to terminate him from his role with the CFMEU.

At 11.40AM the Commission adjourned until midday.