No bullshit speech from businessman Andrew Robb on trade with China
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If you've got the numbers you can do whatever you want. If you don't have the numbers, lie about them.

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Last year the TWU claimed to have more than 38,000 members entitling it to 43 voting delegates at the NSW Labor Party conference.

This report from Fairfax quotes TWU and Labor Party sources who say the TWU has ''amended'' its affiliation to NSW Labor ''in line with a clarification of party requirements''.

The nett effect is that it now claims it has 17,800 members, not 38,000.   Must have been a bad year for transport workers.   That means that instead of 43 voting delegates, Tony Sheldon/Stephen Conroy et al will have only 23 delegates.

Here is a link to the Fairfax story.

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