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Jason Morrison on the need for an opt-out register for organ donation


Here's Jason's column in today's Daily Telegraph on a tragic story of a young man who died waiting for a donor liver. 

150,000 people died last year but staggeringly, only 354 donated organs.

Despite a national register and millions spent fighting some crazy urban myths about being a donor, Australia still has one of the lowest donation rates in the developed world.

According to surveys, 80% of Australians are fine with being a donor. 

With the ‘opt-out’ system we could be saving many more thousands of lives.

If anyone has personal, religious or cultural reasons for not wanting to be involved they can have their name easily removed from the register.

Sounds simple - but it’s really just gutlessness from politicians that’s holding it back. They’re good making a whole lot of things compulsory to prevent death – but here’s something that could genuinely save lives and it’s in the too hard basket.