Greg Combet's book was launched by Julia Gillard today
I'm off to the city for the Royal Commission today

Michael Williamson and his cronies took Kathy Jackson's financial records and now they're being selectively leaked

Don't take anyone's word for this.   Use your own faculties.  Your own ears.   Your own ability to decide.   Make your own mind up.

Here is a link to a voice recording of the combined HSU's East executive meeting which took place on 13 February 2012.   It is an exhibit at the Royal Commission.   It happend.

Here is a transcript for dull journalists who need help.   It was made by Merrill Corporation.   It is exhibited at the Royal Commission's website.   If it's inaccurate, perhaps one of the dullards might let us know how.

Here is Marco Bolano talking with me tonight.   He was present at the 13 February 2012 meeting.   His voice is on the tape.   Listen to what he says.