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The TWU will have some questions to answer. So will its auditors. And Fair Work Australia.

Here is a link to the Fair Work Australia website where the annual returns from the Transport Workers Union - NSW Branch are posted.

Here is an extract from its report showing its member numbers in 2010 - 40,501 members Twu forno 2010

Here is 2011 - 40,813

Twu 2011 forno

Here is 2012 - 42,836

Twu 2012 forno members

Here is 2013 - 43,835

Twu nsw 2013 forno

Here is part of the financial report for 2011 showing revenue from member contributions

Nsw 2011

Here is 2012

Twu finance nsw 2012

Here is 2013

Twu 2013


Yesterday's disclosure by the Labor Party and TWU NSW branch that the real number of members is just over 17,000 may cause some problems for the officers of the union who signed off on the accounts, for the auditors and for the Fair Work Australia rubber stampers.

I've published a screen grab of the SMH article yesterday that reported the Labor Party and TWU admissions about the new numbers - just over 17,000.   What the SMH did not report on was the sworn statutory declarations made by the TWU state secretary for NSW Wayne Forno, or the numbers in his annual returns, claiming 43,800 members for 2013.

The SMH focuses on the TWU losing influence in the NSW Labor Party.   Given the apparently questionable statutory declarations to FWA that may be the least of their worries.

Smh on twu