Dr Heather Wellington is in the witness box - Kathy Jackson's cross will continue later
Trade Union Royal Commission is about to commence further HSU hearings

Cross examination of Kathy Jackson continues

Kathy contineus

Mr Irving is going through lots of entries in the financial accounts regarding donations to various entities/persons.

Mr Irving states again that the Act requires that donations were disclosed and in the case of Ms Jackson's branch they weren't.   Ms Jackson agreed.

Irving for the hsu

Collateral purpose

Mr Irving has taken Ms Jackson to the transcript of a previous appearance at the Commission referring to her admission that she recorded the audio of certain meetings of the national executive of the HSU East.

He refers in particular to a meeting of the National Executive of the HSU East on 13 February 2012 - he asked Ms Jackson if she declared to the meeting that she was recording the meeting.

Ms Jackson said yes, it was not a secret that she was recording the meeting.

Did disclose recording

Ms Jackson is now being shown page 929 of the Annexures to the statement of Chris Brown.

The document is an Affidavit purportedly sworn by Ms Jackson in Federal Court proceedings.   It is an unread Affidavit and Mr Pritchard has objected to it on the basis of the "implied undertaking".

There is considerable legal argument about whether or not the Affidavit should be tendered.    Mr Pritchard has approached Ms Jackson in the witness box to seek instructions.

Ms JACKSON does not recall releasing the Affidavit for the use of the HSU.

Mr Irving has nominated the sentence within the Affidavit on which he wishes to ask one question to Ms Jackson.   It goes to the veracity of evidence given by Ms Jackson in a previous hearing of the Commission.

The Commissioner asked the question and Ms Jackson answered it without reading the Affidavit to the open hearing room.

Mr Irving is now giving the Commission and Ms Jackson a lecture on the importance of fraud prevention.   Ms Jackson gave back as good as she got by pointing out that while she has been singled out for cross examination on this issue the practices Mr Irving described were widely spread within the union and those instructing him.

Mr Irving asked Ms JACKSON about the composition of the Victoria No 3 Branch BCOM.

Ms Jackson agreed with Mr Irving's description - and that meetings of the BCOM generally occurred within about 5 kilometres of the CBD.

Mr Irving is asking detailed questions about the composition of the BCOM and rates of pay at the relevant time for health professionals.

He put to Ms Jackson that the average rate of pay for BCOM members would be around $45 per hour.   Ms Jackson agreed.

The level of exchange between Ms Jackson and Mr Irving is descending somewhat.

The Commissioner appears displeased.   He appears to be taking few notes.

Irving bcom


I have to attend a doctor's appointment - please keep us posted with a record of your take on the rest of these proceedings and I'll post your comments.