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Cross examination of Kathy Jackson continues

Dr Heather Wellington is in the witness box - Kathy Jackson's cross will continue later

Healther louise wellington

Dr Heather Louise Wellington, former Chair of the Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute is in the witness box.

Dr Wellington states that she has a very strong belief that the payment to the HSU No 3 Branch was disclosed to the staff of the Peter Mac institute.

Dr Wellington stated that the Board was very clear on its instructions that the nature and extent of the payment to the HSU No 3 Branch being disclosed to staff.

Dr Wellington recalls being in an auditorium and the payment to the HSU being discussed, she has a "very strong sense" of it being discussed and a vaguer memory of a powerpoint presentation being made to staff by the CEO.

Mr Pritchard for Ms Jackson is now cross examining Dr Wellington.

Dr Wellington states that she was driven ethically and to act in the best interests of the Peter Mac centre.

Dr Wellington states that it was a major failure of management in that the correct payments to staff had not been made.

Dr Wellington states that all things considered a payment of $250,000 to the HSU was a reasonable and appropriate payment to the HSU.

Dr Wellington recalls a resolution of the Board to "settle it" for up to $250K.  The amount was fixed in the context that the Peter Mac believed it was exposed to significant penalties.