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First charges arising from the Royal Commission into Union Corruption - Brown and Hayes

Statement today from Katrina Hart.

HSU NSW union delegate, Katrina Hart, said today the she would charge senior HSU officials, Chris Brown and Gerard Hayes, under the union’s rules, to have them removed from office and expelled from the union following evidence to the Royal Commission on union corruption.

Ms Hart said that evidence to the Commission from another official, Carol Glen and confirmed by Peter Mylan, made clear that Hayes was the principle Williamson supporter who had induced Glens’ resignation in an internal power play which had cost the union about $217,000.   He had also been aware of actions by Williamson and his supporters to break into Ms Hart’s email account.  She said she would take this matter up with the police.

Ms Hart said she would seek the support of union members to start legal action to claim the $217,000 back from Hayes.

She says also that police telephone intercepts played to the Commission today show that Acting National Secretary, Chris Brown, had conspired with Michael Williamson to destroy a political opponent in the union by appointing a biased Ombudsman and using manufactured allegations.

She called on Brown and Hayes to immediately resign from their offices in the union.