Reuben Dixon, radiographer has been sworn and seated in the witness box
The definition of a political imbecile - Melissa Parke MP

Jane Holt, former book-keeper for the No 3 Branch has been sworn and seated in the witness box

Jane holt 2nd hearing

Jane Holt took the affirmation.   She has previously given evidence to the Commission.

Mr Stoljar has shown Ms Holt an email she wrote to Detective Gary Jenkins from Victoria Police regarding a sum of $58,000 paid to Jeff Jackson - she states that it should have been shown on the Victoria No 1 Branch as a payout of accrued employment entitlements to Jeff Jackson.   The Vic No 1 Branch had inadequate cash to meet his entitlement - so the No 3 branch resolved to make a loan to the No 1 branch to cover the employment entitlement to Jackson.

Mr Stoljar has no further questions.

Mr Irving is cross examining Ms Holt.

Holt two

  Jane holt close

AT 3.49pm Ms Holt was excused.