The Royal Commission is back for its CFMEU afternoon session
John Patrick Little has been sworn

Andrew Zaf, earth-moving contractor is back for cross-examination

Mr zaf

Mr Zaf was sworn and reminded of his witness statement made previously to the Commission.   He appears today to be cross examined by Mr Agius.  Mr Agius asked if Mr Zaf had a copy of his witness statement - he has been handed a copy by the Commission.


Andrew zaf

Mr Agius has suggested that Mr Zaf "pulled a pistol" on a union official.   Mr Zaf answered that he never pulled a pistol.   In answer to questions from Mr Agius that Mr Zaf participated in various proceedings to settle the matter, Mr Zaf said, "All I know is that I accepted Mr Hill's apology."   Mr Agius said, "I suggest to you that's a lie."  Mr Zaf disagreed.

Mr Agius showed Mr Zaf was shown a press release from the Trades Hall recording his attendance at a meeting at which Mr Zaf apparently agreed not to "threaten" union officials in the future.   He denied at the time the proposition that he produced a gun.

Press releases

The Press Releases from the Trades Hall dated 1994 were tendered into evidence.   Mr Stoljar pointed out that the press releases do not provide any basis for accusing Mr Zaf of lying, as Mr Agius has just done.

Hill zaf

Mr Agius put to Mr Zaf that his statement concerning his provision to Mr John Setka of materials for a roof was a false statement.   Mr Zaf said it was true.   When pressed he stated that there might have been some doubt about the timing of the provision of the bull-nosed elements of the roof over a verandah.

Withdraw the q

Precious little ground has been covered during today's proceedings - you have to wonder whether the CFMEU and their Counsel's strategy is to take up as much of the Commission's hearing time as possible.

Mr Zaf was asked about being bashed at his home.

He states that he has been assaulted 3 times this year.


Mr Agius is quizzing Mr Zaf about potential enemies he might have had who might have been responsible for bashing him.   He has quizzed Mr Zaf about circumstances surrounding him in 1982.   Mr Zaf's Counsel has objected and the Commissioner agreed, "We're looking for enemies in 2014, not 1982."

Mr Johns

AT 3.32 Mr Agius completed his examination and Mr Zaf's Counsel Mr Johns is now examining his client.

At 3.51 Mr Zaf was excused.