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Wilson/Gillard/Murphy Legal Professional Privilege hearing in Melbourne - follow this thread today

The matter appears before Chief Magistrate Peter Lauritsen, 9.30AM Court 5, Melbourne Magistrates' Court.

Ralph Blewitt appears via videolink from Malaysia.

Ralph malaysia

We have a reporter present in court and we'll post details as the day progresses.

The matter involves 360 documents seized by Victoria Police from Julia Gillard's former offices at the law firm Slater and Gordon in May, 2013.   Bruce Wilson made a claim of client privilege over the documents.   Last year Chief Magistrate Lauritsen found that each of the documents was created in the furtherance of fraud and were therefore not protected by client privilege - the effect of that finding was that the documents would be handed to police for use in evidence in any prosecution police might bring.  

Wilson appealed that finding.  Today the  matter is to be reheard by the Chief Magistrate.

Ralph blewitt at hearing

I'm told at at 10.30 the Court is in session.  After some legal argument as to the Court's ability to rehear the matter the hearing is proceeding.   No party can lead new evidence but the Chief Magistrate is keen to continue with the matter today.

Ralph Blewitt has taken the Affirmation.   Mr Gipp for Victoria Police is on his feet, he has asked Ralph to adopt his statements and affidavit, Ralph's done that all true and correct.

Mr Aghion for Wilson is now on his feet to cross examine Ralph.

Slater and Gordon acted for Ralph Blewitt in purchase of Kerr Street at the behest of Bruce Wilson.

Question to Blewitt, "How did you choose Slater and Gordon?"  "Bruce Wilson chose them".

After some brief questions about the Power of Attorney Ralph Blewitt's cross-examination has been completed.   That was short and sweet.

Another correspondent reports, "Blewitt statements tendered - little examination - defence objecting to his evidence being received - argues Supreme Court did not with this".


Parties will be seeking instructions from Justice Forrest as to precisely how he wanted the matter addressed by the Chief Magistrate in this rehearing.


I have a report that the matter will be back before the Chief Magistrate at 2.45 today - to proceed without any evidence being adduced from Ralph Blewitt.   Will have more later.

Pia Akerman from The Australian has been in court today - here's her report.