The late Wendy Brown on the Nullabor as a little girl in the 1950s
AFP responds to our report regarding Wayne FORNO and his statutory declaration of TWU membership numbers

For everyone who served, did the rightie and is still paying the price.

I received this note from reader K overnight who said:.

I received this email today from one of T’s Vet mates.  Thought I would like to share with you.  Thinking of Ralph at this time also as I watch this.  PTSD is a bitch!




This Canadian guy makes a major point without being angry, political or complaining in his song touching on PTSD.

Recorded in Canada, but could be almost any Western, civilised country.


After last week's non-story in The Daily Telegraph (reporting someone once might have had an unactioned thought bubble about planting weapons on civilians killed in an authorised and proper Australian action in SVN) Ralph Blewitt sent me this link to some home movies shot by Geoff Cantrill featuring A Company, 2nd Battalion the Royal Australian Regiment, SVN 67-68. 

Duty First.

A coy 2rar