Royal Commission to publish Counsel Assisting's final submissions "shortly"
Royal Commission asked to find that Julia Eileen GILLARD was the beneficiary of funds from Wilson

Royal Commission publishes Counsel Assisting's final submissions

Counsel Assisting Submissions, 31 October 2014

Part 1 Overview

Part 2 The legal landscape: officers’ duties and the use of union resources

Part 3 Generic funds created by union officials

Part 4 Fighting funds and: the funding of union elections

Part 5 Income Protection RedundancyFunds

Part 6 Superannuation Funds

Part 7 Training  Funds

Part 8 Construction Forestry Mining & Energy Union (CFMEU)

Part 9 HSU

Part 10 HSU NSW

Part 11 HSU Victoria No.1 Branch


Part 12 HSU Victoria No.3 Branch

Part 13 HSU National Office

Part 14 TWU

Part 15 AWU

Part 16 CEPU

Part 17 MUA

Part 18 SDA

Part 19 Areas for reform