New original documents from WA in 1993 tell more of the Wilson/Gillard AWU story
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20 minutes with Ralph Blewitt on being Team Gillard/Wilson's stooge in WA

On 19 July 1993 Ralph Blewitt signed a letter sacking an AWU official in WA named Mick Baker.

Baker took it to court.

In September 1993 the President of WA's Industrial Relations Commission heard from Mick Baker's lawyer, here's part of the Commmission's transcript:

Here's what his lawyer said

There's a large file of documents that were produced as the matter was heard and I'll post them.   But that's not the purpose of this post.

I'd like to let you hear from Ralph Blewitt.   This morning I recorded what I thought would be a brief interview with him about the Baker matter.  We started doing that, but ended up talking about a lot more.  I've just listened to this chat again and I think some of the things we discussed are important and need to be heard.

If you can spare 20 minutes I'd commend this chat to you.



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