Congratulations Corporal (retired) Sean Michael O'Boyle AM - master of magnificent music
The new colonisers - from PJ Media

Happy birthday 2UE - congratulations on 90 years of broadcasting to Sydney

Sydney's 2UE started broadcasting in 1925 and yesterday was the station's 90th birthday.

I grew up in a home where the radio was never off 2UE so it's wonderful to hear some of the old clips the station published yesterday (sound engineer Steve Molchanoff is the guy to thank for much of 2UE's extensive archives, great work as always Steve!)

Congratulations 2UE and happy birthday.

Here's the legend of the radio industry John Brennan talking with passion about the importance of having the right owners to back a radio station like 2UE.



And here's the master of the medium Gary O'Callaghan.