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Compare and contrast the two national security bills before the Federal Parliament

When I was in the army we used the SMEAC acronym to prepare for an activity - situation, mission, execution, administration and logistics, and command and control.

Here's a stab at the picture confronting our political leaders.

  • Situation - for 6 years, Australia had uncontrolled maritime borders and 50,000 people arrived unlawfully, some of them are a terror threat.
  • Mission - secure our borders and make Australia less vulnerable to terrorism.

In response, both the Government and The Greens have bills before the parliament. These two bills provide a clear insight into the differences separating the grown-ups and The Greens.   Have a look at the respective Execution, Admin and Control.

Here's the LNP's bill and its explanatory memorandum.




 The purpose of this Bill is to establish the role of the Australian Border Force Commissioner, to enable the operation of the Australian Border Force, and introduce provisions to support the management of a  professional and disciplined workforce that exercises its powers and functions with the highest standards of integrity.

 The Australian Border Force Commissioner, a statutory officer, will have control of the operations of the Australian Border Force and is directly accountable to the Minister in relation to those operations.   The Australian Border Force  Commissioner will have a dual role as Comptroller-General of Customs with responsibility for enforcement of customs laws and collection of border related revenue.

 The Australian Border Force will be a single, integrated, frontline operational border entity within the Department that is charged with enforcing customs and immigration laws and protecting Australia’s borders.

 Immigration and Border Protection workers will make decisions that affect the safety, rights and freedoms of individuals as well as trade and commerce in Australia.  They will hold a privileged place at the border and in the community, with access to secure environments and law enforcement databases.  They will also exercise significant powers under the Customs Act 1901 ,  Migration Act 1958 and  Maritime Powers Act 2012 and other Commonwealth law, such as detention, arrest, boarding a vessel, entry, search, questioning, seizure, use of force and removal from Australia.  The community and government trust Immigration and Border Protection workers to exercise these powers reasonably, lawfully, impartially and professionally.

 The Bill, therefore, contains a number of integrity provisions to increase resistance to criminal infiltration and corruption and to enhance government and public confidence in Immigration and Border Protection workers, as well as the confidence of other partners including intelligence organisations and foreign governments. The Bill also includes provisions that enable the setting of standards for a highly trained, disciplined and flexible workforce.


And here's The Greens effort - presented by Senator Christine Milne.

Australian Centre for Social Cohesion Bill 2015


The intention of the Australian Centre for Social Cohesion Bill 2015 is to establish a national, centralised body to develop and implement key preventative programs that help stop young Australians from becoming radicalised. The Centre and its Director will focus on building social cohesion, working with communities to prevent violent extremism.

The Centre will be an independent consultative body, bringing together government, law enforcement agencies, academics, researchers and former extremists to consult and work together to build resilient and cohesive communities.

The Centre will be tasked with undertaking research into programs aimed at improving social cohesion, promoting discussion about preventing violent extremism in Australia, and where necessary, report on legislation or actions that should be taken by the Commonwealth in this area. 

Former extremists?????

Scott Morrison announced the government's plans for the ABF last May.   Let's leave the last word to Sarah Hanson-Young.



Friday, May 9th, 2014

The establishment of Australian Border Force is a deliberate move to cut jobs and further demonise refugees, the Australian Greens have said.

"Australian Border Force is pure Liberal dogma, combing ideological cuts with the demonisation of refugees. No wonder Scott Morrison couldn't wait until Tuesday to tell us all about it," the Greens' immigration spokesperson, Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said.

"This bureaucratic shuffle is all about show. Minister Morrison simply wants to talk about refugees and criminals in the same sentence, to further blur the line between the two, for cynical political purposes.

"Rather than finding a humanitarian way to work with refugees, the Abbott Government is simply dog whistling.

"It's all about cutting jobs and demonising refugees."