Jeremy Stoljar SC - $3,300,000.00 plus $54,000 to "get ready" for the Trade Union Royal Commission
Rockhampton being battered as we speak

Daniel Mookhey and his upper house each-way-bet seat - heads he wins, tails we lose.

Nitin Daniel Mookhey (of TURC and Tony Sheldon fame) wins both ways.   Nice work if you can get it working for Tony, Sam and the Sussex Street bed-featherers.

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Dear XXXX,

Following the Preselection of Luke Foley for the NSW State seat of Auburn, a vacancy has arisen on NSW Labor's 2015 NSW State Election Legislative Council Ticket.

An amended ticket order for the 2015 NSW Legislative Council election has been agreed by the below candidates elected by the 2014 Annual Conference.

Labor’s 2015 NSW State Election Legislative Council ticket has therefore been endorsed in the following amended order:

1. Sophie Cotsis

2. Walt Secord

3. Lynda Voltz

4. Shaoquett Moselmane

5. Mick Veitch

6. Adam Searle

7. Courtney Houssos

As Courtney Houssos will therefore move to the number seven spot on the Legislative Council ticket, a vacancy will arise for the number eight position.

Due to the short period of time left prior to the close of official nominations, and the fact that the party's full resources are currently directed at the State Election Campaign, Daniel Mookhey has agreed to fill the vacant number eight position.

In the event that Labor is not successful in having eight candidates elected, Daniel Mookhey remains preselected as Centre Unity's candidate for the vacancy created by Steve Whan's resignation from the NSW Legislative Council. 

Yours sincerely

Jamie Clements