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Dr Craig W J Minogue PhD, creep, killer and incorrigible crook should not be released

Victoria's HeraldSun newspaper brings back some horrible memories today.

VICTIMS and police are angry that cop-killing Russell St bomber Craig Minogue could be released from jail as early as next year and would in effect be handed a “freebie murder”.

Minogue was sentenced in 1988 to life in jail with a minimum 28 years for the Russell St attack, in which a car packed with explosives was detonated in front of police headquarters.

Constable Angela Taylor, 21, was killed and 22 others injured.

Minogue is expected to make a case for parole based on his clean prison ­record of the past 20 years.

This is despite murdering a fellow inmate during the early stages of his prison term — a crime for which not a single day was added to Minogue’s sentence.

Gary Ayres, one of the senior Russell St bombing investigators, said the 1986 atrocity alone meant Minogue’s parole should be ­opposed.

But the fact that Minogue killed Alex Tsakmakis behind bars made Mr Ayres even more adamant.

“It (Russell St) is the worst crime we’ve had. They didn’t give a stuff who they killed and then he’s killed again,” Mr Ayres said.


I was assigned to escorting Minogue, his brother Rodney, Stan Taylor and Peter Reed from Pentridge to the City Watch House and Magistrates'  Court every day for a week during their committal hearings.   We had to take a brawler van from Brunswick, check it for bombs, go to Pentridge, strip-search those dogs including that fat, smelly atrocious excuse for a man Minogue, escort them to the City Watch-House and put them in cells, strip search them again then escort them handcuffed into the dock at the No 1 court room (where Ned Kelly was sentenced to hang).

Darcy Dugan was the Chief Stipendiary Magistrate who heard the committal.   The worst job among our squad (besides strip-searching Minogue) was sitting in the dock with them.   At the start of the committal we gave the crooks crayons to take notes with, they objected and made an application to Darcy for biros - he allowed the application.   As soon as they got the biros in their hands, Craig Minogue said to his brother Rodney, "I could smack this pen into that dog's eye and bash it into his brain before he could do anything to stop us".   That dog was me.

The late Mark Wylie was shot by Peter Reed when he went to lock him up - we spoke about Mark's death on this website just 6  months ago.  Their crimes continue to cause immense pain for the people who were there.

There's a very good visual chart setting out Minogue's crime here.

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 8.00.13 am

Minogue for his part has a website dedicated to his greatness, you can view his art, collage, masks and paintings if you give a stuff about self-aggrandising crooks here.

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Dr Craig W.J. Minogue PhD, academic, educator and lawyer is also a vicious killer.   He murdered Angela Rose Taylor.   I am very proud to be the winner of the Angela Taylor Memorial Prize as dux of my graduating squads at the Victoria Police Academy, August 1986.

Angela died of her wounds while we were at the Academy and her funeral took place in the Academy's magnificent chapel.

It must be a very difficult day for Angela's family to deal with Minogue's attempts to get out of gaol.   Let's leave the last word to them - courtesy of the Victoria Police Association Journal.

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