Jason Morrison, Michael Smith and "Jason" from the mission at La Perouse
Sydney Harbour Bridge crash driver smoking cannabis before $50M crash

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Michelle Two

Good morning xx again just done it it is a pretty blue button under my facebook badge if anyone wants a look.. Today's Angel message is "Claircognizance" from Archangel Uriel so take notice of all thoughts and ideas that come to you and Jase' as they are the answers to your prayers.. Once you get the ideas it is up to you to use your freewill and choice if you wish to act on them, know that all our prayers are answered and what we need is sent to us it will come through other people that enter your life or some things just turn up at the right time and it is just what you needed. Messages also come through other when you are having conversations with them so you will have a thought bubble which may just come out of the blue that is claircognizance it is just a knowing something and not knowing how you know it, you just do..love and light xx
Clairsentience (clear feeling) and Claircognizance (clear knowing) are my 2 strongest clairs as there are 4 Clairaudience (clear hearing) I have experienced this once so I know it is there blocked, Clairvoyance (clear seeing so using your 3rd eye) which I would love to unblock and be able to bring you, your loved ones, we are all born with these but they may of become blocked out when we were kids as we were conditioned to ignore them.. So with my 2 strongest combined I can tell what others are feeling so know what they might say before they say it (it is just a form of reading energy which we all do anyway, as the mood of someone will change your mood when they are close). I always finish people's sentences I'm sure I drove my kids nuts when I done this unconsciously they were a bit shy though.
This is also why you need to open your mind and your heart so all channels are open as spirit is a frequency that comes through your thoughts, fear will also block these frequencies as when you live in fear you are in low vibration energy wise. xx

ted hartford

Why would anyone want to do that particularly after listening to the last 2.

Charlie Foxtrot

Still got that stomach virus, I see Ted.
You might need a good clean out bloke.
Angel Two might have a home cure for ya.


Still here Ted? I thought Gillard had cut your funding.


teddiwinks you do not qualify. I doubt that you would have a website at all.

Go to Crikey and stay there.

Michelle Two

Thanks the only home remedies I have for Ted is to open his eyes, open his heart and take off the rose coloured glasses and not to believe everything he reads, sees or hears from various sources because not every one has his best interests at heart.. Learn to read people and know and trust your own instincts as to what is the truth as it will never change.. I have hope for him yet if he keeps hanging around.. he must remember to be nice though if he wants to be treated the same so no more blue language directed at people that don't deserve it because they aren't giving you what you want to hear.. xx

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