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Jason Morrison and Michael Smith, former colourful Sydney media identities on camera in the Murray Farquhar memorial grandstand

Former PM The Hon John Howard OM AC hospitalised in Sydney's North Shore

Best wishes to former Prime Minister The Honourable John Howard OM AC.

Mr Howard was in Sydney's North Shore Hospital overnight for a small procedure which I understand went well.

Here's some vintage John Howard - this clip is from early 1996, it's the day Howard took Keating out.




Here he is with his immortal quote, "We will decide who comes to this country and the circumstances in which they come."


Hard to believe it's almost 8 years since he lost office.   Half the press gallery was in High School - and he's still one of the clearest and straightest talking communicators in Australia.

Not bad for a bloke 4 years off his eightieth.

Get well soon.