The Bruce Wilson Ms Gillard fell in love with
Muso of WA at his darkest and best - on the TURC


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Michelle Two

Good morning xx Love it Stu.. Mal Content will be the death of the Liberal party if the uncontented get their way and remove who we elected.. Malcom in the middle won't be there for the next election as the Liberal party itself will have to remove all the discontented ministers if they keep spreading gossip to the pressers. As with no base you ain't going to suceed no matter who you decide to put as leader.. We aren't buying chaos any longer, if you aren't happy within get out of the job you were elected to do, when it is your turn to lead or be promoted it will happen on merit not on back stabbing or moving up before the public are ready to accept you.. Tony Abbott is out of town so that is why all the chatter they are playing the same game in the presses gallery as they did when ever the ex PM went out of town talk of execution.. The press gallery needs to be dealt with as well if they keep this up as the press gallery was not elected and should not have so much power to remove or talk of removal of a sitting PM. All this instability is not good for diplomatic relations with other nations as they see the pettiness within our system so trust will be lost if you keep dumping those that were elected to lead for the short 3 years they do.. We can kiss Feb goodbye another month over the time flies so quickly so enjoy while you can. xx

Jeff of FNQ

Correct Stu especially about Liberal membership and support pulling out.

I had a reply yesteday from Warren Entsch's office after I sent him an e-mail (with a c.c. to the Chief Whip Scott Buchholz) advising him that after 45 years of voting Liberal my wife and I would withdraw our support if Turnbull is elected leader.

"Thank you very much for making your views known to Mr Entsch on this matter. Warren is currently in Canberra (as Parliament is sitting this fortnight) but I would like to assure you that your email will be forwarded for his review. As I am sure you will appreciate, we have received a lot of contact on this today.

Warren has advised that the only information he is receiving on the leadership is through the media. He is in regular and personal contact with the Prime Minister and for all members of Government today it is business as usual."

I'm sure many other Liberal members of Parliament are getting the message about the Liberal voter base withdrawing their support if Turnbull is elected leader.


Mal, is just like a bookend to Krudd. Just look what Krudd did to the ALP! Just like Goldman Sachs, Mal, just sucks!

"Spread The Word – “Untouchable” Turnbull Is A Goldman-Plated Turd" -

"Lonely Turd" -

"Lonely Bull" - "Herb Alpert and The Tiajuana Brass - Lonely Bull" -

I know which one I, that is. ;)


Hi Michael,

it's good to hear from Stu. It's been a while, thanks.

Maggie 47

Clever and accurate Stu. Could you please send that to Turnbull? He needs a reality check.


Malcolm Turnbull will never never ever get my vote.


This whole leadership 'debate' is organised, run and fuelled by the media. We the public are being treated as idiots by the media. We all need to stand up and be counted . We have a government trying to sort out a mess left by the previous administration - doesn't matter what or who the party was 'it' left us in a mess. Doesn't matter what or which party is in power now because it is being prevented from fixing up the mess by the Senate, the media and the people who actually put to us the people the same ideas presently being put to the Senate. I call the people obstructing the Senate from passing Bills to fix the country "traitors to Australia" and the Media doing the same as ignorant journalists unable to give the country the facts but only interested in putting forward their own ideas and more often their interpretations of what someone is thinking when speaking!!! We should put the media into coventry and not buy ANY media for a month!


Big ego Malcolm Turnbull is such a phoney, he obviously has no class, and is the perfect narcissist.

I remember when he was staying in his brother's Canberra apartment for $free and still claiming a $big capital city accommodation allowance, 'I am entitled to it' he told the reporter, who responded to Turnbull with 'don't you think that is amoral'... about big Joe Hokey's age of entitlement.

It appears that most all of our politicians are lying hypocrites and not to be trusted. Who are you voting for?


Turncoat Turnbull - Goldman Sachs rep. We know who and what you are loyal to and it is not to the coalition or Australia..


Theatrical Turnbull is such a bloody know all and a pompous fool. Labor are laughing all the way to the election...

john greybeard

Mal Turncoat was only ever popular with Labor Voters. Just as Liberal voters would prefer Bowen to Shorten.


"A Rudd with a better shave"...Funny. Paul Murray said last night that Australia needs a P.M with [email protected], not one with a butler. I am so disgusted with the L.I.N.O members. Pass me a blow-torch please.


Turnbull is a traitorous scheming turd. The Liberal party must expel him immediately.
I would not mind betting Turnbull's phone records will show he is in regular contact with his friend , Krudd. This is his style, his way of doing things... I will bet that rudd and turnbull are doing this together to destroy the liberal party.


Back and right on form Stu. Bewdy mate! Had brekkie at Salamanca with Black Swan this morning and she has Turnbull down pat! Got the whole history of the FIA fiasco of a few years ago, which our Minister for Goldman Sachs slimed his way out of with a little (or lot) of financial help from his "friends".

I cannot believe the stupidity of Liberal back-benchers if they are thinking of hitching their wagons to Turncoat's star. His poll popularity comes from mischievous Labor voters who'd never vote Liberal in a fit, spurred on by the Leftist ABC and their rusted on luvvies.

Australia has become ungovernable and I'm over the lot of them!


I feel the lurve, from [all] these comments, for the 'Grand "Mal" Seizure',...not! LOL


Too narcissists a scheming..rudderless[turd], or [more bull].

stu nt

Sent Maggie, but not holding my breath! Cheers

stu nt

Hi, Kathryn, thanks. I haven't been too far in fact just the other day I was having a little fun with 'bumbling' Bowen


Cori Bernardi correctly summed up this disloyal liberal rabble, calling them big ego, self-serving narcissistic hypocrites! N.B.Cori would make an excellent Aussie prime minister with morals!

Colluding, disruptive, pretentious Malcolm Turnbull and his cohorts will cost Liberal the next election. Turnbull has no talent, only a big mouth and has aboslutely nothing to offer Australians.

Ministers hold nerve amid pressure from backbenchers to oust the Prime Minister

Robb backs Abbott as Liberal leader

Pressure ... Mr Abbott’s lieutenants are furiously trying to squash the efforts of backbenchers urging their Cabinet colleagues to “tap’’ Mr Abbott and replace him with either Deputy Leader Julie Bishop or Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull. Picture: AAP.
Robb backs Abbott as Liberal leaderPressure ... Mr Abbott’s lieutenants are...
TRADE minister Andrew Robb says Tony Abbott has “earned’ the right to lead the Liberal party as the embattled PM again defends his precarious position while touring New Zealand.

As growing speculation another leadership coup attempt looms, Mr Abbott is in New Zealand on for security and trade talks with his counterpart John Key.

He will be rounding off the tour with a visit to a World Cup cricket match between the two countries in Auckland today.

Speaking to reporters this morning, Mr Abbott brushed questions on his future: “I’m, as you would expect, undistracted and undeterred by the hyperventilating which seems to be taking place at least amongst the media. “

Despite his confidence, there is intense speculation in Canberra about a second leadership spill.

More Liberal MPs believed to have joined the 39 out of 102 who supported a spill motion on February 9.

It is unclear whether it is now a party room majority.

Speaking this morning to Sky News, trade minister Andrew Robb backed Mr Abbott to lead the government at the next election.

“He has earned the right to take us to the next election,” Mr Robb said.

“That is usually the disposition of people when they vote a government in, that they would expect the prime minister to be given the opportunity to play out his program.”

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, also in New Zealand, said she knew nothing about a leadership spill motion being planned for next week.

“I am not aware of any attempt to bring a spill motion to challenge the leadership. I am not aware of any such approach,” Ms Bishop told New Zealand’s TV3 Network.


Thankyou for relaying that message "Jeff"...
I also sent an email to Mr Entsch so I am happy to read the reply you received.
If it turns out to be a beat up by the Left and that includes our ABC,who are running with this story 24/7,then I hope that our Minister Turnbull,Minister for Communication, does something about it.If it turns out to be absolute rumour with no foundation
our ABC,the public broadcaster,should be taken to account for it's inaccuracy and misleading comments.
If I was Tony Abbott I would say that he has a very good case for bullying in the workforce.
Tony is a very busy man as well as his colleagues,they have extremely important work to undertake and these measures taken by "whoever" are hindering the process of good governance.
Maybe it is a good case for the Human Rights Commission to look at.


Well said...

Doubtful John

In our two party preferred electoral system, if Turnbull becomes PM we will have to choose between either Labor or Laberal. Frightening prospect.

Doubtful John

Turnbull deserves a bed at the Malcolm Fraser Home for politically confused traitors. I foresee a new term in the Australian vernacular. 'A Malcolm': one who white ants his own.


Everybody who claims changing the leadership to M Turnbull is whether cunning as a rat or mentally challenged. Most of those are Labor/Green people and of course they want Turnbull. After all he is a red/green Labor guy. He would happily sign up on this shocking Kyoto scheme with billions to be send overseas. However, there is plenty more to consider and one is....

..." There are a lot of unanswered questions that Malcolm Turnbull needs to answer about the Australian Rain Corporation grant. So far he refuses.

The mainstream media have not been reporting Mr Turnbull’s dirty laundry in recent times but you can be guaranteed that the Labor Party will raise it if Turnbull wins. Even worse for the liberal party is that social media will be raising Turnbull’s dirty laundry day in day out until the next federal election and social media is where a lot of the damage will be done with voters.

One would have thought with corruption inquiries around the country and the anti-corruption mindset of many voters anyone with even a hint of corruption about them would be ruled out as a candidate for any political party let alone the leader’s job...."

It will be a disaster that would certainly handing the rudder to Labor at the next election.
Do your research on those subjects as I can't put any links.


Like this...;)

"Malcolm Turnbull is fighting for his political life and now another battle is brewing; a $10 million grant given to a local company to investigate Russian rainfall technology has been questioned and criticised by water experts. So why has the Environment Minister taken such a gamble during an election?" - "Turnbull under fire for $10m water deal" -


Yes J.G....Voters like Lisa Wilkinson...she just loves Malcolm,but who does she vote for heh!!!

Julie of Geelong

Good one Stu.

Love Muso & Stu.

They should do a CD - hours of memories & laughs for us all!!

Julie of Geelong

Mine neither - I don't think he will get anyone's.

Most people you talk to say if he is made PM they are voting ALP at the election!!!

Michelle Two

OT - Labor insist of having an overseas polling booth for the NSW upcoming election.. Check out how the numbers increased in the article.. Sus!! or what from 15,000 up to 40,000 in the last election from interstate and overseas.
Here is ALP Abroad website..
If they don't live here and won't be in the 3yrs the current government is elected they should have no right in voting what goes on in a country they don't reside in permanently.. That is just a way to rort the system. If they are out of town for a short while they should put in a postal vote if they know they won't be able to attend personally at a polling booth.


Missed you Stu - its almost too much - Muso and Stu back on the same day.

Sent an email to my local member yesterday - if Turnbull ousts Tony - no vote at next election- and that is only me - there are thousands of us that will do likewise.

Another Ian


Check out a photo of Malcolm Turnbull.

Is he the “Shiny Pony” of Australian politics?

(as in a recurring theme at SDA)

Another Ian


Check out a photo of Malcolm Turnbull.

Is he the “Shiny Pony” of Australian politics?

(as in a recurring theme at SDA)

This is a re-run the first seems to have been dog homeworked

Liz of Vic

Thank you Stu! Have missed you.


Wonder if ANYONE somewhere has done a Survey on How many Liberal Voters would NOT Vote for Liberals if Malcolm is made PM???


Listen up Mr Abbott, when you overcome the disloyalty idiocy on Tuesday first order of business is to sack the pricks starting with the Turd. Then visit the ABC with a baseball bat and cut their budget in half ,then visit Shortarse and deck him, then visit the GG and tell him you need to govern the country NOW. Then visit Lakemba (with the bat) then....,! .,"..., then pay Heydon Dyson a visit (take the bat if you want) other than that we're stuffed.

2 Bobs Worth

If Abbott gets rolled, will it be possible to get you to publish the names of the plotters who caused it to happen? I would like to know if the Liberal member in my electorate was part of the disloyal.


I think he would be locked up in a mental ward, in need of assessment!


So does that mean we are stuffed or that the inmates are running the show

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