Just imagine if it was Tony Abbott who didn't know
Jason Morrison circa 1980 on 2GB


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Cash splash coming for the public servants! Emphasis on coming.

john greybeard

The Union takeover by the Palletofshit Government.


OMG. After Nanna Blight we now get Nanna Pluckachook, I don't believe it, what have you banana benders got in mind? When I look in the shopping mall at least 50% there haven't got a clue

Dennis Thompson

Skilful containment of anti-corruption watchdogs, partisan appointments to public service, media management and more. How Labor operates when in government:


FB  of Perth

Queenslanders show the effects of too much sun.

The Black Swan

'independence of the Queensland Public Service' and 'frank and fearless advice' are two key phrases from this statement by the Great Leader Anna-stacey Pala-shook.

I am of the belief The Great Leader has no rational understanding of what either of these phrases mean.

On a lighter note Anna-stacey is going to receive an enormous amount of media exposure over the next few days primarily due to Cyclone Marsha, Marsha, Marsha.

A good friend of mine who is very qualified in the field of mental health, noted that a certain newly elected Premiers eyes roll uncontrollably when questioned by the media.

They stated that this one of the most obvious indicators of the physical manifestations of stress.

In fact they stated that they are in all honesty waiting for her to collapse/faint on camera.

So keep your eyes on her eyes.


I hope it doesn't distract from her important work as Minister for the Arts.


Planet Palaszczuk will run Queensland into the ground like Holroyd City Council and tax the shit out of the Queen-slanders to pay her so called "public servants" wages.

By the way, the polish pronunciation of Palaszczuk is not Palashay! The cz becomes a cher. and is correctly pronounced Palaschuk...although palashay sounds more up market and a little trendy? Perhaps the ABC should not this discrepancy.

So why does Annastacia Palaszczuk do this to her family name?

Ron OKnox

Palletofshit Government. LOL JG.


This dumb labor female premier will be a nightmare for QLD...just watch this space.


With all her talk of public servants, "Yes Minister" comes to mind.

shaun k

As usual,reward the public servants and the unions but starve the general populace.We will see how long she will last as the Premier of Qld.

Up The Workers!

Don't be so sure.

Setka's Sorbent, Dodgy Dan Andrews of the C.F.M.E.U./Bandidos/Greens/A.L.P. mis-government in Victoriastan, promised all ambulance drivers massive pay rises if they allowed deceitful, defamatory anti-Liberal hate-propaganda to be painted all over the windows, doors and side-panels of Victorian ambulances.

The Liberals' pay offer was rejected out of hand.

For two years, we had to put up with lying A.L.P. propaganda plastered all over our ambulances.

When the crims lied and cheated their way back onto the Government benches, they ordered all political propaganda removed from all ambulances immediately; threatened to sack ANY ambulance crew who did a similar thing against the A.L.P., and then paid the ambulance crew LESS THAN WHAT THE LIBERALS OFFERED!

Serve them bloody right!

Michelle Two

G'day xx I still shake my head how could they get voted back into power. I think some will regret that decision by the time 3yrs is up the Qld will have a well paid public service as businesses start shutting doors, when businesses shut doors that means the government won't be bringing in extra $$$ that they got from those businesses as they no longer exist, which will mean that the public services will eventually have to downsize as the government can't afford to pay them or they can't get credit as there is no way they can service the debt.. dilemma!! She'll be right though the cronies will always be looked after as they look after each other and squirrel away the money, assets while they get it coming in bucket loads... it is the average everyday worker (or those that can no longer find work) that pay for this.. vicious circle..
The angel message for today was "Fresh Air" so if you have been spending to long indoors lately it is time to take five and get some pure oxygen, nitrogen and any other air that mother nature has to offer into you go hug a tree if you feel so inclined as mother nature loves to be loved as well she provides everything we need if we look after her (including fresh berries).. You can also open your doors, windows and freshen up inside your house as well.. When we are outdoors we pick up the energy from the angels, god more easily as they have direct communication being near the ocean is great for reception as well as all the chemicals within the salty air, water etc. raises your own energy vibration so you can directly hear your guidance.. food for thought your angels contact you regularly through your heart centre so listen to your thoughts and emotions but be careful of your ego as it tries to cause doubts as to if it is direct messages from either your soul, God and Angels.. xx we are all receptive and all have the sixth sense and intuition it may be blocked but that is how our guides, angels and god help us to live the life the way our souls planned before we were born..Everything is always in divine order even it you don't believe there is a God or higher power because everything is energy and God is the life force energy that is us (and who we are) xx love and light xx

Up The Workers!

Somehow I suspect that the A.L.P.'s order was for a hell of a lot more than just a "pallet-load"!

Michelle Two

Long comment but if experiencing cyclone conditions still it might not be a good time to get fresh air as you might be blown away.. hehe!!


Hindsight is wonderful. Today's gem:
If only Campbell Newman had waited until the end of the cyclone season, before calling the state election. He had until June. Anna Bligh's popularity soared, in the aftermath of Cyclone Yasi, Jan/Feb 2011. Every TV news broadcast, had her beaming face.


We, the public are there to be taken for a ride by the public service. It is always, the way. However, when the ALP are back in charge, they further entrench without shame.

Political speedbump

And My money's on the fact she would not have penned a single word of that letter , it would have been drafted by her Union handlers , As pre-ordained as the entire schedule of her tenure , just a another ALP stooge who will convince herself that she actually got there on merit ,rather than installed to do exactly as she is instructed .

Political speedbump

AEC manipulated , branch stacking, threats , paperbags, intimidation, ... standard voting rigging 101 really ...that's how they got there ! ,certainly not merit .

Dennis Thompson

Be fair FB, that might be true of the rednecks but the Courier Mail Brisbane referred to a post election poll conducted in Queensland that revealed that most of the swinging voters who voted against the LNP Government did so to admonish them for perceptions of being too tough or hard. None of these voters thought there was any chance of Labor regaining government when they lodged their protest votes.

As it happened before preferences were distributed the LNP had an 8-seat advantage over Labor on primary votes. And at the end of the count Labor neede to call upon their long time but not vocal supporter, an indepenedent who previously helped Beattie Labor.

So most Queenslanders are not suffering heat stroke. But quite a few were somewhat groggy.


Ambulance Victoria need to be taken to task on that if what you say is accurate....
So Ambulance Vic were offered more by the Liberal Govt.than they received from Danny Andrew's CFMEU govt.
And they were so vocal then....Enough said!


Thanks for alerting me to that piece in 2007....most interesting!


Can you supply proof of this? It needs to be more widely broadcast if it can be verified.

Up The Workers!

Victoria's comically innumerate joke of a State Treasurer in the C.F.M.E.U./Bandidos/Greens/A.L.P. mis-government, is Humpty-Dumpty clone, Tim Pallas, another life-long A.L.P./union goon who has never had an honest, working job outside of the A.L.P. or its protection/extortion rackets, in his life.

On the basis of THAT vast experience, he is now vigorously mis-managing the State's finances, as only the A.L.P. can.

If he were to marry Queensland's Anna Palaszczuk, the banana-benders would get two Pallas's for the price of one - but it would STILL 'zszuk'!


My first hand experience of the public service is that it was absolutely fearless under Liebor of rorting the system. Not a word of lie when I tell you that, at the time, one underling implored me to 'relax and follow the system' and I'll "be much happier." Apparently they didn't like normal work hours and being responsible.


Sounds awfully like our treasurer down here in SA, Tom Koutsantonis.

Incompetence does not even begin to describe him and his party, yet the 13% public service workforce plus 7% unemployed and the rest of the uneducated never-picked up-a-paper populace love their wealth and business taxing ways.

As long as they are able to continue to live beyond their means, they do not give a hoot about the future of this state.

Dave Diamo

Most would not comprehend this but Ron Paul is the man (his son Rand will try and do the right thing)


When you vote to protest, so as just to send a warning and not to tip out the government...well that is just stupid. Because you see the end result. An unexpected change of government. If I am dissatisfied with my own party, I certainly don't go and vote for the other side. I would likely vote informal.


Queensland hasn't done any better in it's new Labor treasurer. Curtis Pitt. Never held a job outside government since getting a Bachelor of Arts from James Cook Uni. Has never had to use his own initiative in his life.


Qld Labor will do well out of the cancelled East West Link in Victoria, they have over 30%of the shares in the company that was going to build the link,,,,,,but now Dodgy Dan will find 1.2 billion to pay out for not building the link, and QLD Labor will pick up a lazy $400K just for being Labor,I see the abattoirs at Beenliegh may close because now the unions want 20% more then the agreement signed when the LNP was running the show, Labor in so now its time to crucify any and all businesses That's the union way QLD getting there one day and down the gurgler the next

Michelle Two

As long as she is paying the piper, she will remain where they put her..


Did you know that the correct pronunciation for Palszczuk is not 'Pala shay' but 'Pala Chuk (as in chook' ? just saying!!
I could understand if she came from the north shore of Sydney and wanted to jazz up her name - but Brisbane???

Up The Workers!

Curtis sounds like the Pitts!

He joined the right Party, then.

seeker of truth

Here's Guardian's article of the Union accepting the pay rise

$3,000 sign on payment in Jan 2015 then 6% pay increase to 1 July 2015, 3% pay increase for 2015 then 3% pay increase for 2016.


and here's Denise Napthine's offer in July 2014 which would have commenced straight away if accepted

$3,000 sign on payment in July 2014, 6% pay increase for 2014, 3% for 2015, and 3% for 2016


They look identical when you take into account that the Libs was to take effect in July 2014 and Labor's to take effect as from Jan 2015. In reality the paramedics and ambulance officers have done themselves out of 6 months of increased pay from July to December by not taking the Napthine offer.

This is called sacrificing for the cause.

Spin Baby, Spin

She's pretty on the mark there... good luck to her. Next thing she needs to do is reinstate the teeth of the CMC. I wonder what those Nats were up to that they needed to remove the teeth ;) I still have memories of Sir Joh and his band of merry Nationals. Some things never change. It's exactly like the union movement. Big teeth are needed to stop the corruption. When those in charge remove the teeth, it's a huge sign they are up to no good.

Gwendoline Mayers

Yes greybeard I was nearly going to have a play on the name but thought better of it. I can at least remember all the excellent Premiers we have had over the years.


I agree that the pronouncement is Palachook - ask any Polish speaking person. However the mispronunciation should not be a surprise as many get the pronunciation of Australia's peak wrong. Kosciusko is pronounced kosh oos ko NOT kosi os ko.

Everyone tries to get French pronunciations correct but when it comes to other languages it apparently does not matter.




Queenslanders will never forget Beattie, Bligh & Pallaschook, as it will be a debt that will hang us for years to come. come in spinner.


Palaszczuk (and any name ending with czuk) is originally a Ukrainian name but technically is considered Polish as Ukraine was part of Poland for centuries.
However Annastacia's father was born as Heinrich Palaszczuk in 1947 in Germany to Polish parents. Now that raises an issue. If you would consider yourself Polish and would give birth to a child in Germany in 1947...then the last thing in the World would be to name your child with a German Heinrich instead of the Polish Henryk. Unless...you didn't consider yourself as Polish but did that to wipe off the Nazi past. Perhaps the family originated from Silesia where the German-Polish dialect was used. Or the parents migrated from the eastern side of Poland (Ukraine) and were German settlers with links to the nationalist Ukrainian movement that supported Nazi Germany with many Ukrainian soldiers serving in SS. Just stating some historical facts for anybody to consider. The Heinrich name raises such concerns as a Polish family after World War II would never try to become German for obvious reasons.

George Helon

PAL-LA-SHAY we are encouraged to pronounce of our Queensland Premier's surname, but nothing could be more erroneous, culturally and historically insulting to those of fair dinkum Polish ancestry.

Now the surname PALASZCZUK is a blended patronymic derived from the word PALASZ (say, pow-w-ash), which in the Polish language means 'broadsword' - basically a nickname for a combative or fierce individual, a soldier - and the suffix CZUK (say, chook).

The suffix CZUK is particular to surnames found and originating in western Ukraine, an area that was once occupied by Poland.

CZUK (sometimes spelt CUK) when written singularly, means a 'mouth' or 'snout' in Ukrainian.

When used as a surname suffix, CZUK, sometimes transcribed CHUK, designates one as being the son of.

PALASZCZUK, basically, one who is the son of a soldier, or one who points out errors in others - someone who is censorious or pedantic?

As for the correct rendering of the name, the 'L' in the surname PALASZCZUK originally had a diacritical mark through it; this being best described as a forward slash '/' through the 'L'.

PALASZCZUK (say, pow-w-ash-chook) is a surname commensurate to that of an ethnic Ukrainian and for all intents and purposes the family originates from the Ukraine; it is not of Polish origin!

So why does our Premier insist on the pronunciation PAL-LA-SHAY?

Well, PAL-LA-SHAY does have a distinctively nice sound when elucidated, a bit like the French palais - a palace, especially a French government or municipal building.

Or could the pronunciation be more a case of family lore, or even an attempt by the Palaszczuk family to hide their true ethnic roots by passing themselves off as Poles.

Passing-off one's self as being of Polish ancestry was typical of an earlier era of immigration in the twentieth century when linguistic hostility prevailed against eastern Slavic (Ukrainian) families who tried to mask the stigma of their true ethnic identity and origins in order to cross international borders, emigrate, and assimilate into unwary foreign populations unacquainted with their history.

Of course, not saying that our Premier's family was involved in anything untoward or mischievious.

And contrary to some claims and rumours, the name PALASZCZUK does not appear in any of the registers of the Polish nobility and our Queensland Premier is not a Princess.

Read the full article here and be sure to leave a comment: https://www.thechronicle.com.au/news/say-my-name-the-enigma-of-premier-annastacia-palas/3408978/

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