James Ashby, former Slipper staffer reacts to Slipper's successful appeal against conviction - "I know he did it dishonestly"
Former PM The Hon John Howard OM AC hospitalised in Sydney's North Shore

Something about Ducere Online Education doesn't quite add up

Julia Gillard has been announced as the "Chancellor" of Ducere Online Education.   In Australia, Chancellor is a term usually reserved for Universities  - more on that later.  

As "Chancellor" of Ducere, Ms Gillard will set the tone and standards for the "faculty".   Here's a collection of Ducere's faculty talking about integrity.   


Here's a link to Ducere Online Education's website.

It says this about itself:

About Dūcere

In Latin, Dūcere means ‘to lead’. This is mirrored in Dūcere’s philosophy; to transform education and change lives through an unequalled approach to global leadership and learning. 

Dūcere is an Australian-based online education provider offering courses in business and management. Our courses combine comprehensively developed content with the expertise and experience of some of the world’s most successful leaders. The result is a premium educational offering that provides students with the structure and security of a formal education, while at the same time granting unprecedented access to a Global Leaders Faculty of the world’s most successful individuals.

Then at the bottom of the page Ducere offers these courses:

  • Diploma of Management
  • Diploma of Business
  • Master of Business Administration Innovation and Leadership

It's hard to see what Ducere actually delivers.   It comes very close to stating that it offers degree courses - but it can't do that as it's not a lawful provider of higher education, if it was, it would be registered with the Tertiary Education Quality Standards Agency.


The Tertiary Education Quality Standards Agency (TEQSA) is an independent statutory authority established in 2011. It sits within the Education portfolio.

TEQSA's role and functions 

TEQSA regulates and assures the quality of Australia’s large, diverse and complex higher education sector. The Australian higher education system comprises both public and private universities, Australian branches of overseas universities, and other higher education providers with and without self-accrediting authority. Qualifications available from higher education providers range from undergraduate awards, (bachelor degrees, associate degrees or advanced diplomas) to postgraduate awards, including graduate diplomas, masters degrees and doctoral degrees.

TEQSA registers and evaluates the performance of higher education providers against the Higher Education Standards Framework - specifically, the Threshold Standards, which all providers must meet in order to enter and remain within Australia’s higher education system.


But Ducere is unknown to the TEQSA.

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 11.29.04 am

Here is an extract from the register of higher education providers in Australia, right where Ducere would be - if it was one!

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 11.28.36 am

Ducere is also unknown to Universities Australia, the peak body for our universities.

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 11.33.06 am

Maybe all of that is no surprise.   Ducere was established 3 years ago by a salesman named Mathew Jacobson.   Here's his LinkedIn page.

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 12.07.19 pm

Mathew is quite an entrepreneur, but his description of his business Ducere left me a bit cold.

Here's Mathew displaying his unique way with words - perhaps someone can tell me what it means to "innovate the education landscape".

Mr Mathew Jacobson is an entrepreneur and philanthropist working to innovate the education landscape. Mat has founded a number of businesses in Australia and overseas across property development, sales and education. Mat has sold multiple vocational colleges within Australia, with his last sale, an education-based enterprise to a global publicly listed company valued at $20M (USD). As the Founder of Ducere, Mat works together with presidents, Prime Ministers, Nobel Prize Winners, Global CEO’s and leaders in academia to deliver the most innovative disruption in higher education by combining formal qualifications from Diploma’s through to MBA’s with real world experiences of the most successful global leaders. 

The Ducere foundation, a self funded philanthropy, operates in partnership with African governments, the Australian government, major universities and philanthropic leaders in the delivery of groundbreaking educational programs to some of the most disadvantaged children in the world. 

The work of the foundation is broad and includes a full-time employment of 40 teachers, mentors and co-ordinators on the ground in Africa, the Ducere Publishing House based in Zambia, a worlds first initiative to capture the rich and vibrant oral story telling tradition, the Peace Centre initiative, promoting tolerance and diversity from a grassroots primary school campaign and a range of other resources ensuring adequate food supplies, uniforms, libraries and sanitation.

Both Dūcere and the Ducere Foundation are committed to developing motivated and passionate learners and leaders.



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john greybeard

I hope not one cent of Australian Taxpayers money finds its' way into the support of this Institution or into any of the people purporting to be part of it; and it continues as a private philanthropy.
There is a very good reason for having courses leading to Dip Ed, Dip Teach, Ass Dip (TAFE) and BA (TAFE) and that is the holders have completed a course in which classroom teaching experience plays an integral part.
The Learned Chancellor of this Institution does not possess any of the above qualifications, she has a relatively poor academic record of self-prolonged degrees in LLb and
Honorary Doctorates or Professorship do not substitute for knowledge or experience and should never be the basis of any Academic appointment.

Michelle Two

I haven't read it all yet but just going on this question you asked..
"Here's Mathew displaying his unique way with words - perhaps someone can tell me what it means to "innovate the education landscape""

I'd say that is to innovate and uneducate the way kids are educated so turn them into non-thinking individuals that do as they are told by the elite societies.. Just look how much education has declined over the years since we went to school as the old teachers and the old systems died out so did the eduction of teaching students how to think for themselves, slow process but those in the elite secret societies have been playing with minds and mind control over what and how people think and they start with the very young (hence Julia Gillard wanting to introduce early learning in pre-schools) there is an agenda make no mistake about it and it starts with re-programming what is fed into the minds of children adding flouride to the water kills off the natural phychic abilities we are born with so they eventually have no intuition so don't or won't make all the right decisions which is probably why we are seeing such desegregation of society itself with the introduction of drugs, alcohol and other substances where humans can zone out of reality also sex (porn)and violence are introduced and they all become a part of the norm so they morally can't see anything wrong with what is going on around them.


One day, they might erect some memorial gates in cyberspace to the online education pioneer with the inscription "He touched us all".


Maggie 47

"Both Dūcere and the Ducere Foundation are committed to developing motivated and passionate learners and leaders."

Gillard's the perfect fit. She was passionate and motivated, learnt and led at getting her share of any financial pie by spending taxpayer money to feather her post politics nest.

OT: I've just cancelled my 6 day per week delivery of "The Australian". I never thought that day would come.
I even gave my brother a 6 month subscription for his birthday last year!!

Gerry of Mentone

Regarding the above "...from Diploma’s through to MBA’s ...", apparently devoid of basic English language standards. Is this a sign that their Communications units will consider adopting the Chancellor's English, eg "hyperbowl", "dungeon"[dudgeon], "Taliband", "tenant" [tenet] etc?

Maggie 47

If cancelling "The Australian" I suggest you notify the newspaper of your decision and why.


Hi Michael,

advances in African education is a myth as far as I'm concerned. Gillard is affiliated with The Rockefeller Foundation who financed the scandalous Kinsey report back in the fifties which resulted in sex education in schools throughout the west.

This individual Kinsey has been accused of paedophilia and the people in his research were from the prison system in America and there are many more terrible accusations in the methods he used. His research was relied on by the judiciary throughout the west and has influenced sentencing laws also.

Rockefeller is said to do a lot of philanthropy in health and education and he is also a eugenicist. Not a nice man.

The documentary on you tube is called The Kinsey Syndrome and is lengthy but important. There is a lot of concern in the US at the moment about sex education in primary schools which is quite graphic and parents are becoming more outraged at the lack of cooperation from authorities.

I wonder what this fellow really means by " most innovative disruption " and if he lists who exactly are the global philanthropists.


What idiot appointed her to job?????????? Evidently there are too many left wing loonies in our shabby education system, no wonder the students/graduates are so stupid these days.


I have heard John Howard make that statement in an interview, and it had nothing to do with teaching or education. I'm very sceptical of 'self funded' entities out of Africa. Zambia,doesn't sit well at all.

Maggie 47

Watched Shorten in QT yesterday. He says secetery (secretary) and any word ending in "th" was replaced with a "ff"!!


Its about time that we started means/asset/income testing all ex-prime ministers'/politicians taxpayer-funded pensions, just like everyone else.

Maggie 47

I had to look up eugenicist and that's what the Nazis planned.
Aren't the Rockefellers Jewish?

Up The Workers!

Maybe this Matthew Jacobson is hoping for a generous donation like the $100 million taxpayer dollars Juliar philanthropically "gifted" the brown-nosed Labor toadies running the University of Adelaide the week before they bestowed a plastic, 'out-of-a-Corn-Flakes-packet' "Professor Doctorship" on her, together with a tenure for life?

seeker of truth

Michael, I think that you will find that they use Holmesglen Institute as their facilitator. It was referred to in this 2013 article when Ducere appointed John Howard


Holmesglen Institute is listed as a provider on the Government's Tertiary Education Quality & Standards website


Up The Workers!

I see that the learned philanthropist was allegedly "educated" at Bond University.

I still have a very strong recollection of the eponymous founder and patron of that august Institution, giving a very convincing impersonation of a gibbering, dribbling loon as he was carted into Court pleading insanity before his prison sentence some years ago.

This Jacobson seems to think that's a point in his favour, but then he does keep some strange company.

Does his C.V. also mention that he has recently become adept at gargling contact lenses from a glass left by a certain bed?

Up The Workers!

Why not?

After all, he is hiring as "Chancellor", a person who was once Leader of a political Party too dumb to correctly spell its own name.

And that's no hyperbowl!

LABOR (sic) - It has no place for "U"!


Michael, It seems as though Ducere produce the content and their affiliated TAFE and University partners, such as University of Canberra, deliver it.

seeker of truth

The Diploma of Management provides a global perspective on key management principles by the Dūcere Global Leaders Faculty in partnership with Holmesglen. The program includes a case study method from a number of the world’s most inspiring leaders. Diverse skills from project planning to performance management are delivered by a unique award winning eLearning platform.
Some of the people that you will learn from include:
• HE Sir Ketumile Masire GCMG - President, Botswana (1980 - 1998)
• HE Tun Abdullah Badawi - Prime Minister, Malaysia (2003 - 2009)
• Lindsay Fox AC - Founder & Chairman, Linfox Group
• Justo A. Ortiz - Chairman & CEO, Union Bank of the Philippines
• Prof. Adrienne Clarke AC - Chancellor, La Trobe University
• Andrew Bassat - Co-Founder & CEO, SEEK Ltd
• Prof. Dan Shechtman - Nobel Prize, Chemistry (2011)
• Dr Hugh Bradlow - Chief Technology Offi cer, Telstra
• Charles Goode AC - Chairman, Ian Potter Foundation
• Dr Alan Finkel AM, FTSE - Chancellor, Monash University
• Prof. Allan Fels A - Dean, ANZSOG
• Dr Athaliah Lesiba Molokomme PMS - Attorney General, Botswana
• Sir Gustav Nossal AC, CBE, SRS, SAA - Chairman, Strategic Advisory Council
• Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation - Children’s Vaccine Program.


Diploma fees -
$10,000 for the six month course or $4,000 government subsidised

seeker of truth

University of Canberra information on the Ducere partnership


Looks like a two year course (3 full time semesters) Fee for 2015 is $24,000

Michael, Like you I don't know how it works. However, could it be this way - the Global leaders donate their services to Ducere; Ducere then on-sell these services to the University or other partners like the Holmesglen Institute for a fee. The fee then goes to the Ducere Foundation for philanthropic donations in southern Africa. Of course, Ducere E-learning would deduct its operational costs.

St. George

Michael - is this in practice another "Beyond Blue"? By that I mean it runs as a philanthropic organisation with very high level board, attracts a very large amount of government donations, but doesn't actually run any programs?

seeker of truth

Ducere is a donor of the Clinton Global Alliance foundation


Donated $1,800,000 in 2014 for 250,000 books across Africa


Dennis Thompson

Were they the unsold copies of JEG ramblings?

marg of nambour

There does seem to be close links between Ducere and The Clinton foundation


MikeT (WA)

Say no more !! another con job


The last Weekend Australian was enough for me too.

I gave up on all forms of the ABC a couple of years ago & now the Aus has taken the same path.

It is a sad day for democracy when the media loses its objectivity.

Too many "selfie stick" gen X ers with themselves as their own agenda...........



The Rockefella Foundation is also behind K12 which is a touchie feelie global warmy system being trialed in Aus (Qld)

( we are not gettin conditioned are we? /sarc.)

ted hartford

Good on you Maggie, I've said for ages that Murdoch's one sided bias and want of appointing and controlling the PM wasn't in the interest of Australia or democracy.

Bradley Ashworth

deliver the most innovative disruption in higher education...

Tell me that disruption is a mistake.....

marg of nambour

From the Ducere wikipedia page, it does seems the Foundation does much good work in educating young Africans. But always there is that underlying "progressive", leftist agenda.
Ducere is setting up many "Peace Centres" whereby
"Students learn about local and global issues, including: human rights, gender equality, persecution of children, child trafficking and slavery, racism and animal rights"

marg of nambour

Not well-known is the fact that The Australian government is a donor to The Clinton foundation

The Australian government has given between $5 million and $10 million, at least part of which came in 2014. It also gave in 2013, when its donations fell in the same range.



Another vehicle for "Progressive" indoctrination and Fabian advancement.

Sucking on the Government teat while laundering donations from other entities such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. George Soros et al are likely loitering in the shadows too. It's what they do when they are playing their social engineering games.

Forward Comrades.


Starting to smell like another "think tank" set up to help those including Gummint, with lotsa dosh lying around feel good about themselves by donating. In other words just another bunch of wankers with another innovative scheme to "trough". Is there no end to Gummint investing our money in "pyramids". If I want to play the Egyptian, I'll go to Egypt!

Political speedbump

I'd say its just a money laundering system John ,probably setup to wash the millions she set aside for the dodgey "Global education Partnership" scam that she also heads up with that other crook ,her bestie Chrisine Lagarde

Old Rooster

Actually as buzz phrases go "innovate the education landscape" does suffer from lack of both semantic content and detailed programmatic specificity however it does seem to meet minimum advertising standards at the "mere puff" level. Old Rooster is working on a scheme to launch a Barnyard Academy which will issue relevant job ready certifications through the sale of carton eggs and chicken meat products. I'm worried about competition from the Ducks Institute but I don't think anyone takes Daffy that seriously.

Maggie 47

Let me explain Ted. I like pattoh above gave up the ABC radio, tv and net several years ago and feel much better for not listening to their garbage. From what I read on respectable blogs ABC is now worse.
Also, be clear, I do not purchase or read any Fairfax publication.
After I gave up a lifetime (I'm 67) of ABC radio on in house and car from getting up in the morning 'til dinner at night I went to 6PR. I then gave up on that Fairfax radio about 2 years ago.
So Ted I'm gradually ridding my life of the scum.

Maggie 47

Well put UTW.

Michelle Two

You are awakening Maggie 47 as most people will do when they awaken turn off TV and stop reading lies as well this site is a sign of things to come as the internet is where the truth can be found as it is where all the lightworkers who seek the truth put there work as the Main stream media is dying out when no one watches the advertising will fade out and they will go broke but they will keep fighting for survival as long as there is a audience. I turned off the TV probably last year so I get my news from the internet now it is because we also don't need to be fed crap when in our minds we know the truth so don't need the opinions of the bias media.. These media personalities will be fighting for their survival as well as the companies shrink this could take a while as there is no time limit on this as it depends on each individual waking up and realizing they are being fed bullshit.

Gerry of Mentone

Dear Up the workers,
you've forced me to admit that my denigration of JEG is a 'cheap shot', or would be if she hadn't received such an expensive "education".

Likewise [if you were interested?], your "...political Party too dumb to correctly spell its own name..." is very cheap : After years of alternating names, the Party deliberately differentiated itself from the "labour" movement' by settling on the "Labor" party [post-circa-1912]. 'Labor' also better reflects the word's [Latin] origin.

Working Class leadership once had real quality.

And there is more than one explicity "Labor" Party in Australia.


They can have Gillard because they are so desperate to. The good news is that she's no longer the prime minister, & she's out of our lives.


Organizations can give Ms Gillard high positions. But she's forever a crook. Enough said.

Joanne Three

You are an idiot.

Michelle Two

Look in the mirror what you see in me is a reflection of who you are.. negativity right back at you xx love you too xx

Liz opf Vic


Only another left-thinking think-tank, with the end result going to kids in Africa, yeah sure.

Seeker of truth has the names add Gillard and we have the best of the left.

The more I hear of this, add the farce with Slipper, what a country we live in.

I feel ill.

Michelle Two

BTW stop giving your own power away you are stronger then you think stop living in fear of who you are as you are letting others walk over you.. your comments are reflections of your own insecurity in who you are so what you see in others is in fact what is wrong with you internally you need to work on yourself and live in your own power.. other wise you are going to be in the same position you are now stuck this could be in your own personal life .. chin up and find yourself.. xx What union do you belong to??

Up The Workers!

If this character is scrounging for cash, the members of the H.S.U. (the lowest-paid unionists in Australia) are ALWAYS good for the odd $20 million or so - and you don't even need to pay it back.

Just ask Mike Williamson, or Bull Shitten or Ged Kearney, the well-known "working man's friends".

Lucy Blundell

"Auspicing" is possibly in play here. It's where a non accredited organisation (possibly due to the compliance costs of accredition being too high to become fully accredited) is able to deliver course work which is ultimately assessed by a fully accredited organisation whom they are in a partnership with. That's why there are Logos on the bottom of the home page including various TAFEs but honestly having the Uni of Mauritius as an accredited body is a bit of a worry.

seeker of truth

It was discussed on The Pickering Post last week. Initially the Howard Government donated $25million in 2006 for a four year period to the Clinton Foundation to work in partnership with them to deliver treatment and care for people living with HIV/Aids in PNG, Vietnam and China and other Asian Pacific countries. It was done by way of a Memorandum of Understanding.


It appears that after the intial 4 year period expired in 2010, the Gillard government renewed the partnership arrangement with the Clinton Foundation and its off-shoot Clinton Health Access Initiative, and committed another $25million from the AusAid budget for its HIV/Aids program. The partnership is due to expire sometime in 2016.


Recently the Clinton Foundation has been caught up in the HSBC secret Swiss bank accounts scandal, with many of its big donors hiding their money away in these HSBC accounts.


Grace Burns

Spot on - As Chair of the World Bank Education Foundation she controls access to $US38 BILLION donated dollars ($300 million of it from Australian taxpayers), with most of it purported to be bound for poor African countries.

Not only are millions in the sudsy rinse, but they've hit the spin cycle as well.

And Jacobson has based much of his venture in Zambia to, quote: "deliver the most innovative disruption in higher education".

Disruption?? That figures. She's disrupted government, unions, universities, border protection and a country's entire population!

That woman's temerity knows no bounds and it seems she's found a new like-minded chum to pal around with.

Be careful Mr Jacobson, you too could end up flipping burgers in obscurity.


I don't know what his religion is but it is surprising how many people rich and/or prominent people are. Bill Gates is, as are his parents, Ted Turner who once owned CNN who ( hypocritically) has about eight kids, another one is Obama's science advisor John P Holdren who is a fanatic and has written and advised the UN.

This historian talks about Holdren's dangerous ideas.


Michelle Two

Good morning xx Come to think of it here is a fine example of the let down education system if the only intelligent thing this person can come up with is name calling.. "sticks and stones and all that!!", she is still stuck in the school yard bully stage of her life.. xx


"Ass Dip"? Is that Gillard's degree?

john greybeard

An Associate Diploma is a UG3 qualification and is often (although shorter) much harder to get than a degree and it usually involves some practical experience..
Whatever Gillard has, I just hope isn't catching.

john greybeard

I promise that the Porcine Aviation Society will not offer any opposition to your enterprise. Perhaps some of our aviators will offer to drop leaflets for you.

john greybeard

Exactly right Maggie.
Unfortunately the ABC and Fairfax have lost so many readers and listeners that they are paying Trolls like Ted to excrete their twaddle onto our blogs.

john greybeard

The Chancellor had one moment of honesty when she fell face first into the turf in India. Had it not been so early in her career of mendacity her nose would have grown to the point she would still be pinned to that hallowed turf.

john greybeard

We are all becoming so blind we will soon need a K9.


I was being facetious, as is my won't 😉



"The business diploma gold-rush".....


Ducere make 9k per diploma sold, that's taking out the government loan fee for the VET FEE Loan scheme, which is what most students use (Paid back in tax after earning 53K annually). A dual diploma is worth 15k, crazy stuff considering they are selling online education. Which most students don't complete and have a debt hanging over their heads. Considering that the certificate itself is worth about $50 thats a pretty impressive turn over for he company.
They work with partnering tafes to "educate" the students (send their modules to their ducere account). The company is ridiculous, they have no structure, they are quite happy to sign up old invalids if they can get a sale.
Asaf Katz the Director has already ran 2 businesses into the ground, he's off to another good start with this one.
Its all okay though when your family is one of the wealthiest in the country and money fixes everything.
Ducere doesn't care about education, they care about revenue. The "faculty" are successful people, but really have no point as they feature for 5 minutes a video and they don't provide any substance, just rich people talking about being rich.

This company is what happens when your parents give you too much money.


I've been working for Ducere as an enrolment advisor for a while now and rven enrolled myself to test the waters. The course features practical work which uses video case studies relevant to the practical subject. The faculty of world leaders strengthen ones professional profile as they can reference their teachers on CV covering letters and confidently provide real relevant skills, or even use it as a pathway into other University courses.

I did this back in SAIBT, using a Diploma to lead into second year Uni, though I had to sacrifice full tine work and it cost me around 18k for a single diploma. This course is a great opportunity for those wwho wish to perpetuate their career but don't have the time, are too far, or wish to take things at their own pace. Its a pity how many of the students I enrolled chose to withdraw because of either thenegative skepticism brought by shonky RTO's or genuine lack of willpower to motivate themselves.

Because of this, Ducere has now allocated assistant teachers to help keep students on track and interested. Australia currently has one of the highest youth unemployments rates in a long time with some places averaging +20%. One thing I particularly like about Ducere is that they provide degrees which open opportunities for small business grants, and that's very important in creating more employment opportunities to help Australia grow.


I wonder how good and true they can be if they don't pay their staff and manipulate contracts on enrollment advisors.

i mahmood

A great regret , i lost my 10k fee help. ill have to pay back. 5 min video of a person wont make u a leader.

The Project


Can you please make contact with us at [email protected]


The Project team.

The Project

i mahmood,

Can you please make contact with us at [email protected]


The Project team.


Hi Guys,

Sorry, I checked lately. Guys are you still working on this.

crazy horse

i have studied for the Ducere MBA. Do yourself a favor: keep your money.


Ducker is something to be suspicious about. Nothing really makes sense here. How can it be "disrupting" the education industry but partner with University of Canberra?

And to me their "MBAs" sound more like an entrepreneurial course. Which is an entirely different proposition. They seem to charge the same as all the universities. Why would anyone have a Ducere "MBA" (which is barely a real degree), when they can get an MBA at a more established and reputable institution. The CEO, all their staff and the Director of MBA are not academics. Not of them have postgraduate degrees except for in Ducere MBA itself. That seems strange, for a institution thats wanting to offer MBAs. They are just another shifty company offering and "MBA" course that has no weight. It's difficult to know what the CEO/Founder's background is. If all he is an entrepreneur, then thats also a little weird. He seems to be all about the money.

And this "charity" called Ducere Foundation. I looked into that and seems like a tax evasion thing to me. Probably because Ducere is not a registered university, they can't be tax deductible, so they have set up a not for profit to get tax deductibility. Nothing genuine there.


Sounds French, and medical: ergo, take your chances - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Usher_syndrome


In fair ethical response to opposition here. We see Former Prime Minister as a Chancellor of Ducere like many of the academics that the course represents, such as Nobel Prize Winners, Professors, and also established business entrepreneurs who have made significant impact on the world for the greater good. The concept of how this can help young aspiring businessmen and academics alike with a pathway into second year University demonstrates how the price tag / value of the course holds up.

As with any genuine HECS-HELP program, this is an opportunity for young nuclear families or also transnational actors to encompass the core skills and proponents required to graduate and collaborate with like-minded scholars who either wish to move into University of Canberra, UniSA, etc... or alternatively demonstrate the ethos necessary to bring value to what a career of that 'price tag' and furthermore can achieve. Being that most of the established teachers are utilizing their objective and pragmatic approaches to success, helps prepare the student for the forefront of greater responsibility.

This is all said and done in a figurative sense, as I can only demonstrate my own ethos through testimony, which is the 'weakest of the topoi', however, in not even doing the course yet representing it, I can ascertain that my University degree in a physical institution (Being UniSA) has provided me opportunities and goals which I have succeeded in, such as having research of mine facilitated across Harvard, Yorke, and the Global 21; Achieving Parliamentary entry into the House of Representatives to represent a Development Policy for a Sustainable Australia; and even unification with stakeholders of endorsed brands which seek financial gain to help ameliorate the economy and environment through tactical business entrepreneurialship.

In short, I can demonstrate the usefulness of this course without even taking it. It helps the aforementioned into facilities and strengthens their ethos and empowerment to accomplish great things that have a prolific effect on comparative cultures and countries.


I thought Ducere was partnered with University of Canberra which is TEQSA approved???


It is.
Mr Smith didn't do his research.


Strange how an unusual
number of the VIP are if Israeli or of the Jewish religious community......I winder why ?
This outfit delivers others uni courses?

Looks like they found the ultimate loop hole
Gillard abd Howard....wonder if they know what they are associating with?
They pretend to be what they are not ......sounds familiar .....?
Hope the media will look into this.....my money....unlikely ?


I am currently studying with Ducere doing a Bachelor of Applied Social Entrepreneurship. They are able to offer bachelor programs due to their connection with University of Canberra.
Essentially, Ducere provides all the content, lecturers, and facilitates everything, and all assessments are cross marked by Uni of Canberra staff.
I am a registered student of University of Canberra and all of my final grades are release through them. When I first started the degree I was worried about the legitimacy, but it has turned out to
be one of the best decisions. I just wanted to set some of the facts straight. The staff at Ducere have been nothing but professional and consistent. The lecturers and unit academics are equally so and enthusiastic
about the subjects they teach. Everyone I have been taught by so far actually has experience in business in the real world beyond academia


Be very careful.. These guys are complete frauds, very well connected, its effectively the Liberman family, which is probably the richest mob on these shores, and is chaired by Leon Kempler who runs Aussie-Israeli chamber of Commerce and is about as well connected as they come. Be under no illusion these guys are fraudsters with no ethics and as is suggested elsewhere the connections they have have so far protected them from any meaningful investigations.

Completions rates in one of their early JV's in the VET sector in Australia was 3%. So the 10's of millions in Fee HELP paid to them in that JV alone, equates to nearly a million in tax dollars from you and me per completion.

I'd wager Monique is an astroturfer or member of staff. As I haven't heard a good word about them from any students or previous JV's.

Stop Abusing the

Also studied there. 100% agree with you. Marketing sham. Shame on them. The Big Data section had not been updated for 6 years, despite updating links being easily sourced. Extremely bad attitude to education. Not there for the education they provide but the funds they derive from it. Utterly Appalled.

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