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A personal tribute to the late Malcolm Fraser

From reader Ian


After his political days were over Malcolm was c.e.o. Of Care Australia. During the Balkans conflict in the late nineties my brother was running Care Australia ops in Serbia, when things were getting too hot he evacuated the majority of his staff from Serbia and, with 2 of his remaining staff, was arrested at the border and as far as we back here in Oz knew he disappeared off the face of the earth. 2 weeks later my brother appears on TV confessing to being a NATO spy, all bulltish of course, he was then tried, found guilty and sentenced to 20 yrs in the slammer. Malcolm personally moved heaven and earth in his efforts to have them released, and after 260 days behind bars freedom was finally granted. I had lots of meetings with dfat staff during this time and saw first hand the results of Malcolm's efforts. I will always be grateful to Malcolm for the role he played in securing the release of my brother.......... Rest in Peace.


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Julie of Geelong

Michael you spelt "peace" incorrectly. Not picking, just letting you know!

Maggie 47

Michael, you have had (are having) an amazing life. Hope your brother is OK.

It's a shame that in his latter years Fraser was so vocal in his anti Liberal Party views. May he rest in peace.

The Inside Line

You may want to correct that typo, Rest in Peace, not piece.

Doubtful John

One piece? I think auto-correct got your last word. But vale Malcolm. Unwavering in pursuit of his beliefs.


Unfortunate typo at the end Michael - peace instead of piece.


Michael; I take on board your comment---------------but I do not understand his welcoming intake of Lebanese--------especially Muslims.


Well it would be an ill wind indeed that blew nobody good...


There's NO cheap politicking on this site but
underlying substance. First with Whitlam and now
with his old sparring partner Malcolm Fraser.
Those who criticise either of these political giants
in Australian political history are not necessarily
'cheap politicking'. But on this site and say, Andrew Bolt's
one sees integrity, underlying principles and respect.


So who was the brother? Steve Pratt or Peter Wallace or was there another person from Care who was detained?


Rest in piece? "requiescant in pace", Latin for rest in peace.

Incog Nito

Rest in piece? "requiescant in pace", Latin for rest in peace.


Michael ..its rest in PEACE



You've got a kindlier view than I do. Malcolm Fraser used to endlessly crap on that he had KNOWN before the 2003 invasion of Iraq that Saddam Hussein didn’t really have any hidden nuclear weapons. As it turned out, he was right on that score but among those who were wrong were none other than most US House & Senate Democrats at the time, that notorious right-winger, then British PM, Tony Blair, as well as former UN chief weapons inspector, Hans Blix – who stated in his book, “Disarming Iraq”, that in February 2003 – shortly before the US-led invasion - while there was no evidence PROVING that Saddam held such weapons he – Blix – thought they PROBABLY existed. Anyway, if Malcolm was so bloody prescient, how come he didn’t foresee that after he called the 1983 election, Bill Hayden would be replaced as Labor leader by Bob Hawke, who would then go on to whip his butt? How come he didn’t foresee he’d wind up a blubbering cry-baby on election night? How come he didn’t foresee that Robert Mugabe would be an absolute disaster for Zimbabwe? Finally, how come he didn’t foresee that he’d be caught with his pants down in Memphis? I voted for the arrogant waste of space during the 1970’s & 80’s but for the last 30 years, all I’ve wanted from him was to STFU. Here’s a clip from Q&A, in 2010, when I finally got a chance to try to shut him up, myself…


Bill T

Michelle Two

Good morning xx That must of been a hard time in your life and that of your brothers.. The angel message for this morning is "It is safe for you to be powerful. You know how to be powerful in a loving way that benefits others as well as yourself".. So believe in yourself and don't be dragged into other people's negativity and drama for that will drain your own energy and drag you away from your true purpose in life, that is to be loved and loving to wards yourself and others no matter what situation comes up in your life, you have your own power you don't need others to bring you up for you are the creator of your own life and you have all the power you need to do what it is you need to do.. If you are being dragged into other people's drama set your boundaries so you don't get caught up in them call on Archangel Michael to cut the cords of attachment to that drama and negativity as it doesn't serve you.. It is time for new beginings with the new energy that the universe is providing cut yourself loose from all drama and take back your own power and learn from your lessons in life whether they be good or bad for everything does happen for a reason and to assist with your soul growth so every choice you make is a lesson not a mistake so learn from it and walk away and feel safe in your own power and what you can create from your own dreams and desires of where it is you want to go in life.. never give up or give in keep striving for what it is you want out of life whether it be in relationships, career or just life in general always call on your angels for guidance and assistance for they will take you where you need to go listen to your heart and you will be led to where your soul needs to go.. Open your heart to love and your mind to hear that guidance don't close yourself off for you will block your true path and and light xx
Have a great weekend and set yourself free from others drama you don't deserve that look inside yourself to your soul for who you really are focusing on love especially for who you are so your own self worth xx love always xx

Concerned Senior

An OOOPs Michael . . The last word should be "Peace" no 'piece'.

Nigel K. Williams

Michael, I read the article regarding Kathy Jackson in the Australian today... seems to me you lost the plot for a woman... happens all over the world for thousands of years... and now you are paying the price.... So, come clean, continue to stand up for what is right and just and I shall continue to support you..... Jackson is waiting for the will payout, you on the other hand had nothing to offer but collaboration of her lies and behaviour and when this was not needed you were gone, thats why she dumped you after the "Charity Shag" that got you onside.....Leave the power of the pussy alone mate and continue with your core business, it makes much better reading than the ammunition you have just given Gillard and her mates....

Nigel K. Williams

and privately... I am a web hosting company, I have programmers, I have an idea for the MSNews site that is structured like a newspaper with advertising.... (I have had 30 years experience in Newspapers).. if you want to discuss please email me on [email protected] have a look at our website, you will see we host and manage the Indigenous Times Newspaper amongst others........

michel Lasouris

Hello Michael, I have to line up with Thomo on this one. Any of us would be grateful to someone who springs a misguided do-gooder when they get caught up in nasty overseas wars, but it was their choice to interfere. Why do they go to these godforsaken holes?This must especially be true if the 'victim' is one's family. However, Frazer really was a tosser as Prime Minister; it seems he was just as inept as his nemesis Whitlam. I'm sure both these fools will eventually be consigned to a mere footnote in Australian history. Just look at the outcome from Frazer's major "achievements'; destroying Smithy's Rhodesia and South Africa, Championing aboriginal land rights and multi culturalism .
Those worked out well, didn't they ?
'Zimbabwe' and 'The Rainbow Nation' are now broke and ruled by black popinjays; The aboriginal are sinking ever deeper into squalor depravity and self delusion, and multiculturalism has bought us.....Terrorism. Well done, Malcolm.


I would have thought Julia Gilliard would be the last person on the face of the earth to criticize anyone's morality. Michael, I'll go on supporting you as well - it seems to me you are paying one hell of a price.

seeker of truth

The 7.30 Report covered the release of Pratt and Wallace on 2 September 1999. Malcolm Fraser gets a mention; he was one of a number of prominent people who worked hard behind the scenes to secure their release. As Chairman of Care Australia at that time, he would have had to pull out all stops to secure the release of his employees who were caught in a war zone - his organisation had a duty of care.

Ted Hartford

Gee, I can't believe you people, so gullible, it's not Michael's personal tribute it was a comment in an earlier John Malcolm Fraser post, Michael even says it's Ian.

"ian said...

After his political days were over Malcolm was c.e.o. Of Care Australia. During the Balkans conflict in the late nineties my brother was running Care Australia ops in Serbia, when things were getting too hot he evacuated the majority of his staff from Serbia and, with 2 of his remaining staff, was arrested at the border and as far as we back here in Oz knew he disappeared off the face of the earth. 2 weeks later my brother appears on TV confessing to being a NATO spy, all bulltish of course, he was then tried, found guilty and sentenced to 20 yrs in the slammer. Malcolm personally moved heaven and earth in his efforts to have them released, and after 260 days behind bars freedom was finally granted. I had lots of meetings with dfat staff during this time and saw first hand the results of Malcolm's efforts. I will always be grateful to Malcolm for the role he played in securing the release of my brother.......... Rest in piece.

Reply Friday, 20 March 2015 at 02:24 PM

ian said in reply to ian...

Sorry, spells there should read peace

Reply Friday, 20 March 2015 at 02:36 PM "

Ted Hartford

Thanks for the tip, I went out and bought it. I could say I told you so, but I'm above that.


Ladies and gents this article is my reply to Michaels' earlier post re Malcolm, I am Steve Pratts brother, and I did post a correction for "piece"

Doubtful John

Evil flourishes whilst good men, or good critics, do nothing. Luckily, some are prepared to get their hands dirty. Nasty overseas wars too soon become domestic crisis if nothing is done. Unfortunately mankind has only three dominant mind sets.
1. What has this got to do with me?
2. What can I do to help my fellow man?
3. How can I personally profit from this suffering?


The events ...I have Gough to thank for staying in power long enough to get rid of conscription, cause you see i was on my way into the army having already past my medicals and entry requirements when Gough pulled the plug .... but I never voted Labor in my life glad at the time to see Fraser replace him .... just events that effect your life

Ted Hartford

Another side to Malcolm Fraser. Maybe Ricky Muir had his support.

"Mr Fraser's love affair with the automobile was no secret and in 1976 he test drove a Ford Fairlane, then the staple of the Government's executive car fleet, for Wheels magazine.

A follow-up article was published in 2008 when Ford ended Fairlane production.

"It's got a lot of lift, hasn't it," the then 78-year old said of Ford's 220kw curtain call.

Hot Fords were something he knew a little about. On October 2, 1977, Mr Fraser presented the Bathurst 1000 trophy to Allan Moffat after Ford's dramatic one-two finish. Moffat and Jacki Ickx had crossed the finish line one metre ahead of the sister car driven by Colin Bond and Alan Hamilton.

Mr Fraser's signature car is probably the immaculately restored 1963 model Lancia Flaminia V6 that was, for a short time, on display at the National Car Museum in Birdswood, South Australia.

"I don't think I'll ever sell it," he once told a reporter, "I've put too much into it."

The museum confirmed on Friday the car had been returned to the family some years ago.

His Lancia Flaminia Zagato Supersport was awarded the Lancia Factory Trophy for the best post-war restoration at the national Lancia rally in 2005."

Michelle Two

Good morning xx I hope you have woken up refreshed and ready to start again as it is a beautiful day here it is the sun is out and you have another chance to find what it is you are looking for because the angel message for today is "Gifts from God" you are receiving them so open your arms to receive start by getting your own power back that is to clear your mind of any negative thoughts about yourself for all that you want will come to you by law of attraction so as long as others have your power by holding onto emotions that don't serve you, you are giving that person your power as they have a hold over you while you carry those emotions so let them go and let god carry you through it the other card was "Compassion" so have compassion for that person see things from their point of view and know you done all you could because they are responsible for their own predicament there is nothing more you could of done as you were there and served your purpose for what they needed, have compassion don't get angry for that is a self destructive and negative emotion that comes from your own fears which means your soul needs work to find that fear and to let it go so you can find your inner peace and be free from other people letting you down.. You also need to have compassion for yourself and forgive your self as it was a soul growth lesson we all have to go through in life, the more emotional pain we feel means the soul growth is working once you reflect on the events and you know in your heart you done the best you could at the time with what you had then forgive and forget and walk away for your job is done.. you know when something ends it makes way for something new in your life to begin so all is not lost as we are always given gifts from god if you know what to look for we are surrounded by them and you won't even notice because even a message of love and support from those that matter are a message from the god within them.. If you look for god's miracles and believe you will see them all around you for you have the love of god within your own soul if you seek it out you will always know you are loved and supported with every event that happens in your life and the more grateful you are the more gifts you will see so that is also why you need to have an open heart and mind and all you ever need in life will be provided for you xx love and light xx
Have a great day try and get out fishing or something you love to do to get your mind off things for a while and know you are still loved and not alone in life. xx love always xx

Michelle Two

Great advice don't chase pussy or love for it will find you when you need it in your life for that is how universal energy works and those that are meant to be in your life will be, as everyone does come in for a reason or a season.. count KJ and that episode of your life as a passing season and take your lessons away and run for you can't control other people and how you think they should be, I find it safe not to expect things from others as it only brings disappointments for in the end it is only yourself that you can rely on for you know who you are or you should so you don't give others free kicks with your emotions.. enough from me I will try and be quiet now.. so keep smiling baby and close that chapter.. xx


Good on you Bill. Love your youtubes. You are better than a lot of journos who never leave their offices and write copious amount of crap. Keep up the good work and get Marr as he comes out of the "Insniders" studio... :)


No you're not and even you know it. You're just a sad person fighting for relevance where you can find none.

Michael Smith has more integrity and morals than you could ever hope to aspire to and you could learn a lot from him if you could ever manage to open your mind and that eye that is firmly closed.


Well said Doubtful John

john greybeard

Lest we Forget.
Fraser was given a huge mandate by the Australian People to put a stop to the disruptions caused by unnecessary Union Stoppages. A mandate in both Houses of parliament.
What did he do?


Michael I read everything on your site and I was concerned to read some things that were Implied from which I then made inferences. I am so sorry to read that you were conned by a sociopath . Most are conned by them even the FBI , police etc who are now being trained to expose them in interviews. They are not like the psychopaths you met in the force they have been well and truly socialised and will appear kind and generous. I worked with one ,a colleague but of course I came across them as clients and also recognised them in business .
Please sit down and compare the characteristics and behaviours of the 2 women that have come into your life. Be careful for now you will see how Gillard has got away with so much and from my experience, they are users and abusers and show kindness and generous to meet their own ends, they are narcissistic feign empathy and usually have high sex drive . Again that is used for the con. Gone Girl shows a Hollywood version of a really bad one but the really clever ones get others t

Dennis Thompson

Yes Maggie, Malcolm Fraser had a lot to be proud of when he served our nation as prime minister, most younger people would not know how bad the Gough Whitlam Labor Government years had been including them attempting to break the law by ignoring the Loans Council to attempt to borrow billions of dollars without seeking the required permission and dealing with a shady foreign money lender before being exposed (The Age Tapes).

They would also swallow the ABC propaganda about The Dismissal that never was. Whitlam was invited to continue as acting prime minister if he would call an election within months, he refused to cooperate. Opposition Leader Fraser was then invited to become acting PM and call an election and he agreed.

Fraser unfortunately moved to the left of centre from the right of centre and seemed to get involved in matters that made him look foolish resulting in many conservatives writing him off.

In my opinion Fraser made an error of judgement when he refused to allow Treasurer Howard to proceed with a major economic reform plan (The Campbell Report) that he and permanent head of treasury John Stone had created. Hawke Labor Australia and Lange Labour New Zealand adopted the plan. Australia unfortunately only proceeded part of the way with the reform plan, New Zealand adopted all of it and the Howard Government completed it here.

But on the other hand the Fraser Government did manage well through a recession inherited from the Whitlam years and handed over to Hawke Labor in 1983 when the recession was over.

Dennis Thompson

No mention of the Gough Whitlam white Mercedes top of the line official limousine Ted?

I wonder what Ford workers made of that.

Reg Kernot - Urban Myth

Are you suggesting he conned himself?

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