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Operation Slipper homecoming parade in Sydney today

A personal tribute to the late Malcolm Fraser

From reader Ian


After his political days were over Malcolm was c.e.o. Of Care Australia. During the Balkans conflict in the late nineties my brother was running Care Australia ops in Serbia, when things were getting too hot he evacuated the majority of his staff from Serbia and, with 2 of his remaining staff, was arrested at the border and as far as we back here in Oz knew he disappeared off the face of the earth. 2 weeks later my brother appears on TV confessing to being a NATO spy, all bulltish of course, he was then tried, found guilty and sentenced to 20 yrs in the slammer. Malcolm personally moved heaven and earth in his efforts to have them released, and after 260 days behind bars freedom was finally granted. I had lots of meetings with dfat staff during this time and saw first hand the results of Malcolm's efforts. I will always be grateful to Malcolm for the role he played in securing the release of my brother.......... Rest in Peace.