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Compare and contrast Liberal and Labor Party campaign ads for NSW election

Here's the Liberal Party's Mike Baird - Premier of NSW with his positive ad promising more of the same.

Here is the Labor Party's attack ad, first aired last night.


The Labor Party video was sent to the Party faithful with this email message:

Tonight, the first of our television ads exposing the truth behind Mike Baird’s plan to sell of our electricity network is hitting the airwaves. You'll see it on TV, but if you want to see it first - check it out here.

It’s not cheap to get the message out. Can you donate to help keep it on air?

This sharp and targeted advertising campaign is designed to make sure the message has a real impact in the electorates where it really counts.

We want to make sure undecided voters know exactly what's at stake if Mike Baird wins this election. We won't be able to out do Mike Baird's massive election spend - blanketing media radio waves across the state. So can you help us keep the pressure on Mike Baird and the NSW Liberals in the closing weeks of this campaign?


Every single dollar counts,

Jamie Clements

NSW Labor General Secretary

P.S. It's easy to chip in, just visit

Mike Baird has a very easy, relaxed style about him.   He sounds comfortable, credible and confident.   I hope the federal Liberals learn a thing or two from him.

Finally, it's now illegal to put campaign posters on electricity poles - so prepare to see more of this type of thing as we head towards the NSW election.