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The Labor/CFMEU government in Victoria knows no shame - here's the HeraldSun today.

Court slams CFMEU and guilty officials

  • MARCH 18, 2015 9:27PM


Justice Richard Tracey slammed the union and officials in his judgment, pointing to disturbing incidents such as when Mr Setka threatened to shut up a security supervisor “permanently” during a physical stoush in an alleyway.

The court decision will put further pressure on Daniel Andrews to distance himself from the CFMEU, which was welcomed back into the Premier’s Socialist Left Labor faction in 2013.

The union and the officials are now facing fines of hundreds of thousands of dollars, which would come on top of 2014 Supreme Court contempt charges that cost the union $1.25 million.

The dispute between the union and Grocon began when the building giant refused to endorse CFMEU shop stewards on its work sites.

As a result, CFMEU officials attended three Grocon sites, including the Myer Emporium site in the CBD, to block access.

Evidence accepted by the court included that CFMEU officials told people who had tried to go to work they were f---ing dogs and “gutter rats”.

During violent protests at the Emporium site, police horses were punched and people trying to go to work were told by protesters “you are going to die” and “I am going to kill your family”.

Justice Tracey found eight officials, including Mr Setka and other officials Shaun Reardon, Bill Oliver and Craig Johnston, guilty of coercion.

He said Mr Setka had launched tirades against anyone seeking to enter the work site during the dispute. 

“In branding those workers as ‘dogs’ and ‘rats’ Mr Setka sought to belittle them as traitors to the union and the interests of construction workers generally,” Justice Tracey said.