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The ABC keeps some very dangerous, subversive company on Q&A - it's all very funny till someone gets a head off

The beheadings are real; the stonings are real; the buildings gay people are thrown from are real.   And very tall.

To paraphrase Churchill it's easy to work out who to back when the choice is between the fire and the fire brigade.

The sad thing about this article in The Australian today is that its author, Ted Lapkin is a former ministerial adviser in the Abbott government.   If there's one thing we need now it's the moral clarity and authority of ideas like those set out by Mr Lapkin.   We pussy-foot around the Islamist issue, starting too many sentences with weasel words like "let's just acknowledge the great contributions made by....." or "well we have to recognise that the Christians of the Crusades engaged in....."

There's no place for apologia directed at Hamas and their ilk.

Our nation should be very clear about this truth - as Ted puts it in the last paragraph of his article:

.......we’ve become so timidly PC that many of us are incapable of recognising the obvious fact that Westminster democracy is superior to Wahhabi theocracy.

Here are a few paragraphs from Ted's piece in The Australian today:

THE moment actress Miriam Margolyes opened her mouth to opine on anti-Semitism during the ABC’s Q&A this week, the moral rot at the heart of 21st-century leftist thought came on full display. Responding to an audience question on the issue of Jew-­hatred, the ever-so-progressive Margolyes indulged in a nauseating exhibition of “blame the victim” pathology. The reason “people don’t like Jews”, she didactically intoned, “is because of the actions of the state of Israel”.

Margolyes declared during a BBC interview in 2010 that she “totally understood” Palestinian anti-Jewish hostility because Is­rael “foments it”. Using Margolyes’s line of reasoning as a guide, the slaughter of Jews in Paris and Copenhagen should not be blamed on the jihadi fascists who actually pulled the triggers. The true culprits responsible for the shedding of Jewish blood in France and Denmark are instead those dastardly Zionists whose ­actions incite justifiable Islamic resentment.

This argument reflects a perverse form of patronising bigotry that infantilises Muslims by denying them the capacity for moral agency. By rationalising jihadi terrorism as a defensive reaction to the sins of the West, leftists un­avoidably portray Islamic radicals as wayward children who should not be held responsible for their actions.

 At the height of World War II, George Orwell assailed British pacifists for being “objectively pro-Fascist”. After all, Orwell reasoned, “if you hamper the war effort of one side you automatically help that of the other”.

By this same token Margolyes is guilty of being objectively pro-Hamas. Through her uncritical pro-Palestinian activism she provides political aid and polemical comfort to one of the most noxious theofascist movements in the world today.

It’s not just that Hamas has dispatched suicide bombers to murder Jewish civilians in Israel’s cities. In the world according to Margolyes that’s just an unfortunate but understandable by-product of Zionist oppression.