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Note to the Lord Mayor of Sydney Clover Moore - have you cancelled infringement notices issued by Council

The ABC keeps some very dangerous, subversive company on Q&A - it's all very funny till someone gets a head off

The beheadings are real; the stonings are real; the buildings gay people are thrown from are real.   And very tall.

To paraphrase Churchill it's easy to work out who to back when the choice is between the fire and the fire brigade.

The sad thing about this article in The Australian today is that its author, Ted Lapkin is a former ministerial adviser in the Abbott government.   If there's one thing we need now it's the moral clarity and authority of ideas like those set out by Mr Lapkin.   We pussy-foot around the Islamist issue, starting too many sentences with weasel words like "let's just acknowledge the great contributions made by....." or "well we have to recognise that the Christians of the Crusades engaged in....."

There's no place for apologia directed at Hamas and their ilk.

Our nation should be very clear about this truth - as Ted puts it in the last paragraph of his article:

.......we’ve become so timidly PC that many of us are incapable of recognising the obvious fact that Westminster democracy is superior to Wahhabi theocracy.

Here are a few paragraphs from Ted's piece in The Australian today:

THE moment actress Miriam Margolyes opened her mouth to opine on anti-Semitism during the ABC’s Q&A this week, the moral rot at the heart of 21st-century leftist thought came on full display. Responding to an audience question on the issue of Jew-­hatred, the ever-so-progressive Margolyes indulged in a nauseating exhibition of “blame the victim” pathology. The reason “people don’t like Jews”, she didactically intoned, “is because of the actions of the state of Israel”.

Margolyes declared during a BBC interview in 2010 that she “totally understood” Palestinian anti-Jewish hostility because Is­rael “foments it”. Using Margolyes’s line of reasoning as a guide, the slaughter of Jews in Paris and Copenhagen should not be blamed on the jihadi fascists who actually pulled the triggers. The true culprits responsible for the shedding of Jewish blood in France and Denmark are instead those dastardly Zionists whose ­actions incite justifiable Islamic resentment.

This argument reflects a perverse form of patronising bigotry that infantilises Muslims by denying them the capacity for moral agency. By rationalising jihadi terrorism as a defensive reaction to the sins of the West, leftists un­avoidably portray Islamic radicals as wayward children who should not be held responsible for their actions.

 At the height of World War II, George Orwell assailed British pacifists for being “objectively pro-Fascist”. After all, Orwell reasoned, “if you hamper the war effort of one side you automatically help that of the other”.

By this same token Margolyes is guilty of being objectively pro-Hamas. Through her uncritical pro-Palestinian activism she provides political aid and polemical comfort to one of the most noxious theofascist movements in the world today.

It’s not just that Hamas has dispatched suicide bombers to murder Jewish civilians in Israel’s cities. In the world according to Margolyes that’s just an unfortunate but understandable by-product of Zionist oppression.



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john greybeard

Why hasn't this third rate actress been charged under 18C. Thousands of Australians are offended by her and by the Editor in Chief allowing the program to go to air.

Glen Judo Chop

The ABC had an opening on Q&A for a left leaning, tree hugging, self hating Jewish lesbian. That's what they got!


It appears that the no good, devious ABC has double/double standards and that the ABC needs to be abolished now for the benefit of all Australians.

shaun k

Margolyes should keep her mouth shut and stick to acting.What a fine specimen she is.


Q&A is a show that I can never watch. The show has no respect for the realities of life.


I like how that big hypocrite time waster, treasurer big Joe Hockey allegedly abandoned the so called Medicare $7 co-payment/tax, only because of the public's disgust.

And now jobs, jobs, jobs big Joe is banging on about people working till they are "70 or 80" before they get the pension, totally unlike himself and his greedy cohorts. Unrealistic, silly big Joe reckons that people will be living to 150.

Apparently our constantly threatened senior citizens are not appreciated by big Joe and his greedy mates. A friend of mine who came to Australia from overseas 50 years ago is being paid a pension from the old country and apparently this is quite common...obviously, double standards, mean spirited big Joe is against that sort of thing for hard working Australians.

N.B. Punishing Liberal obviously want to lose the next election...and its little wonder that their are so many rumbling Liberal backbenchers who are very unhappy.


Margoyles,after all ,is only an actor.
She knew on Q&A she had a captive audience and she displayed her pro-Palestinian activism for all to see.
I read that Margoyles has three homes,one in London,another in Tuscany and a third here in Australia at Robertson N.S.W.
Margoyles was brought up in a Jewish household.....
She maybe very lucky that Hamas doesn't know she is Jewish.

Irene Hough

Yet with her well known feelings, why was she invited to become an Australian Citizen Australia Day 2014 in the National Capital, Canberra, I think it was????? Ms Margolyes took the oath to uphold Australian values. Last time I looked I don't recall Australia being anti Jewish.

Our Australia and its values are sadly being eroded by people who have absolutely no intention of joining in our way of life but at the same time expect us to accept their customs without question.

Completely O/T. Anyone noticed the ABC Breakfast Show has extended it budget with a new female to read out the finance details and what was her angle, the big news of the day that the RBA had kept the interest rates the same and because the dollar rate moved at the same time, people must have had insider information. Well, well, many people may have hedged their bets but that does not mean insider trading. Anyway it seems the hosts of the show are no longer capable of reading the financial news any more, don't know why. Wonder how much that cost the taxpayers of Australia.


Personally, I would never watch the Q & A rubbish but if this loathsome individual said this where is 18C, Tones? Or is 18C only for those who criticize towel-heads? Time to grow the missing pair, Tones, and demonstrate to us small-folk what 18C is for!


They do now..........Oooooops!


Why am I not surprised?

Dennis Thompson

Co-payment is the wrong description, it should be renamed token contribution deterrent. Deterrent to welfare recipients who obtain free visits to their doctor and the account is paid for by taxpayers.

The co-payment is aimed at deterring people from accessing free medical advice regardless of real need to do so and saving taxpayers, saving the growing 34% of total budget spending on welfare from growing out of control. After all the doctor has to be paid.

The blame for the federal budget financial crisis is with Labor, they squandered record-high revenue streams and borrowed to spend more (as socialists do) and they created a 2013/14 Budget that had unfunded commitments and engineered to give the Coalition serious problems to deal with. And since losing the 2013 election Labor with Senate Others have held up 201/15 Budget measures, 20% still outstanding as at December 2014 including $30 billion of budget savings.

You are parroting Labor Lies

Dennis Thompson

Don't you know that actors and actresses gain higher knowledge as they climb the ladder to success and the wealth to become fountains of leftist knowledge.

shaun k

She does not need three homes,she needs three door-ways to squeeze herself in with the help of Tony Jones.

Gus W

She is entitled to her opinion ... just as we all are .
Q & A was very good this week
The 2 Pollies were a breath of fresh air .... respected each other and answered the questions.
The rest of the panel were good and did not dodge the questions.
Even a former LNP staffer ( in the Audience ) got to ask a loaded questions .... and got unloaded answers.
Miriam ... do I agree with here .... maybe , maybe not.
But she has a right to express her opinions.


you display a fine understanding of our nation & how to combat the ALP growing ingrained young free loaders who would never dare vote for any but the Labor/Green union puppets.
By the way some pension benefits work the other way too - that is except for returned soldiers who immediately lose out on much by moving over seas.


haha was spelling "Margolyes" like "Gargoyles" intentional or a Freudian slip?


Before mindlessly spouting off, it is usually advisable to first acknowledge all of the facts, not just the ones that suit your illogical, anti Abbott government whinge fest agenda.

When the Commonwealth Age Pension first came into affect in 1909 [106 years ago!], the average life expectancy of Australian males was 55 years - hence, the retirement age of 65 was hardly ever reached - therefore, corresponding age pension payments were hardly ever claimed.

In 2015, the average life expectancy of Australian males is at 80 years [females higher], some 25 years beyond 1909 expectations, and rising. Therefore, it is incumbent upon any government worth its salt - whether Labor [FYI - they raised the retirement age to 67!] or Liberal [proposed new retirement age 70, effective in 2035!] - to ensure that the country's welfare system is sustainable, and doesn't bankrupt the country. Although this may be hard for you to reconcile in your "it's all about me" mind, there is no $$ money $$ tree plantation growing out the back of the Federal Parliament! As we live longer - there will obviously need to be adjustments made in the welfare system to accommodate the reality, as opposed to the wishful fantasies of some.

Some facts, FYI!

seeker of truth

I had not heard the word "tit" used as a derogatory term (apart from "vinegar tits") until I heard Margoyles call Abbott one. On a bit of searching, it seems that it is the feminist way of describing someone as a "dickhead" or a "dick". Possibly feminists don't want to give significance to the male even with a put down word they chose to use. I read somewhere that it is demeaning (theoretically) only to the target inasmuch as it demeans their humanity by making them a part of a human body and not a whole human. In my opinion, we hear these words too often today to consider them terribly offensive.

Barry Humphries appeared with Margoyles on Q&A in May 2012. He was the better performer on the night as regards one up manship on her anti semitic views. I wish he could be on Q&A whenever Margoyles is given a gig to put some balance into the celebrity panelists.

Michelle Two

Tony Abbott doesn't have to go far to realize half his media problem reside in the press gallery of Canberra as I pointed out to Bolt yesterday.. check out the team of group thinkers and you wonder why the government can't get any traction on the truth.. here they are in budgie smugglers and all.There are probably more in the press gallery but this is a fine example of what is wrong with politics at the moment.. the gate keepers collective.. if you don't think like them you are dead set wrong in their eyes there is no middle ground and if you a part of the Abbott team you reach automatic loser status in their eyes..
Such champions for the rest of Australians (not!!)..


Hmm some vitriolic statements don't really support your views.
For example you haven't named the "greedy mates" and given examples of why they are greedy.
Nor did you mention that Joe was reading from the Intergenerational Report.
Also "so many rumbling Liberal backbenchers who are very unhappy" yet you fail to name one or provide any attributable statements.
Unless you can, you fail to have credence.
That aside the article is about a Q & A guest panelist - so you fail to join the discussion at hand.
Just some points to help you lift your game if you don't want to be just wasting your time.


That's why she believes she has the authority to abuse the Jews. I bet her ancestors are cursing her now. They probably went through hell to live in a civilized society.

But she's no different than to Aussie actors and celebrities, sprouting off when they're paid well. Blanchett and Caton for instance. I really love their work, but hate their ideology.

Dennis Thompson

Labor raised the age pension age to 67, remember?

Not on the Left

O the irony of a brain dead old leftie like Margoyles defending or exculpating the behaviour of a group of people, many of whom would happily slaughter her in an instant if they knew she is actually Jewish!

Not on the Left

"But she has a right to express her opinions."

How generous of you!

A pity you don't think Michael, Tony Abbott or conservatives deserve the same right!


BRAVO Anna and thanks for the link.

Not on the Left

By the way, as well as being Jewish, Miriam Margolyes is apparently also gay.

I wonder how that goes down with her Muslim mates, or does she hide those facts from them?


Boy....I can't contribute anything to this discussion as I know to little about the subject but learning. But hey...WELL DONE SLOPPY HOE HOKEY..why don't you tell us what you think?

Political speedbump

I find it amusing she portrays as an intelligent feminist lefty , this is the very same woman who said herself in an interview with Andrew Denton ,
Quote "Jewish girls don't f*ck " ..,so at University I specialised in oral sex ,and then " If you want to know the real me ,my sh*t doesn't stink" .

what Great Left leaning classy babe .....not !..perfect for the level of sophistication at the ABC .


But are there any other kind in the ABC?


She won't get any brownie points from a single Muslim let alone Hamas. Those are the self-loathing Jews who rather be a traitor to their own people than standing up for them. She had a few minutes of glory from the left and will be forgotten after they used her. What the ABC is to Australia so is she to Israel.


Yes, she has the right and nobody here said she hasn't. We are just commenting on her opinion.

Gus W

You see NOTL I also believe that they have the right to express their opinion ...... Just where in my comment above do you find that i don't think they are the same right . Wrong .
The basis of good debate is listening all sides.
I know lots of people from all walks of life who have different opinions to me and most are good friends of mine.
We don't have to agree with everyone ..... but we have to get on together. ..... that is the Aussie way.

Gus W

Ulla correct ..... i am just putting that out there for the record.
I might add that that I thought that her contribution to Q & A was the least out of all the Panelist.
The 2 Pollies were both excellent.


An excellent example of Humphries at his slap down best.
I think it was Barry Humphries that once said when asked a politicly loaded question,, "why would I seek to alienate half my audience"?
Tis a pity that other "stars" of the screen and stage don't put a sock in it.
They are given the title "stars" of the screen and stage by virtue of their performances.
Not because of their personal opinions!
The abuse of that stage happens all to often and is never afforded to the majority of rhe population who may have a different opinion.

Michelle Two

Miriam Margolyes is a human rights activist in this group..

marg from Cairns

I hadn't heard that particular insult before, but it describes Margoyles perfectly. So she is a lesbian, self loathing jewess, leftie female actress.
Which one of these does she think Islam likes.

gays get thrown off buildings.
Jews they hate passionately and unreservedly, even if they hate themselves,
Leftie leaning politics are western corruption and does not translate into Islam
Female, what more needs to be said.
Actress, well theatre, music, entertainment in general is banned unless it is in the form of torture or beheadings.

I cannot find one attribute she has which would allow her to survive Islam. She had better be nice to us as there are not a lot of bolt holes left for her.


Maybe they should Re-name it - Transaction Fee or Transaction Levy???

I have said before, as a Disability Pensioner, I have NO Objection to paying a Maximum 11 x $7 Co-payment for GP Visits and Blood tests. That is $77 MAX!!!

The Labor introduced PBS Co-payment costs me $6.10 a time for at least TWO Scripts per month. That is over $150 a year.


Sunshine, in your political blindness, try being a little objective?

I am merely stating a fact. Hypocritical big Joe and his "greedy mates" pull a pension when ever they like and while in perfect health with no means test/assets test and with a few cushy jobs on the side. And they want everyone else to get the pension when they get to 80-85, work till they drop!

i.e. jobs like big Joe's greedy, well-connected mate Arthur Sidonis's $300K p.a. political lobbying jobs for 10 minutes work? No wonder silly big Joe wants to work till 80 and live to 150? And all of his free trade bullshit??

N.B. Punishing their own voters, Liberal obviously want to lose the next election...


You sound just a little ardent, in your verbal diarrhoea spray?

Old Rooster

Perhaps Gargoyles being architectural features are exempt from prosecution and classification.

I can see why Ted is no longer an advisor—he was too independent and wouldn't wear the Blue Uniform items.

Old Rooster

I thought they became suppositories of knowledge.😉‼️

Old Rooster

It's a brain dead format. Too many panellists even if there was a talented compere and no audience. It's a political ambush show to beat the non ALPBC targets with. If they get a Q Ship like Turnbull on then it's a beat up on someone who isn't there to defend themselves or their position. I watch it so rarely I only ever know what it's been up to from blog reports. Life is too short to bother with Wagner or Q&A.

john greybeard

Gargoyles are designed to spew clean rainwater not bile.
Margolyes must be connected to the spleen.

john greybeard

Dennis Thompson must be an alias. The dill behind the name would not want his mates to know how big a dill he is.

john greybeard

And now they are effectively reducing it again.

john greybeard

In your one-sided education you probably were never told that the economic God of LABOR, the Grate Paul Keating, used the Public Hospital System for himself and his family because it was free.
It is no wonder he became a pig farmer, it allowed him to own the trough.

john greybeard

No doubt she has paid to have her ample derriere Halal certified.


Under Margoyles' rules we can dislike muslims because of Iran and ISIS. It reminds me of the young woman who was raped.... her fault because she wore a short skirt.

David Capper

That would be becasue s 18C does not make the conduct referred to an offence, specifically:

Subsection (1)(of 18C) makes certain acts unlawful. Section 46P of the Australian Human Rights Commission Act 1986 allows people to make complaints to the Australian Human Rights Commission about unlawful acts. However, an unlawful act is not necessarily a criminal offence. Section 26 says that this Act does not make it an offence to do an act that is unlawful because of this Part, unless Part IV expressly says that the act is an offence.


At least you're consistent! You never, ever let the facts get in the way of your endless socialist left drivel based on falsehoods straight from the Labor party song sheet, and divisive class envy. As you're so obsessed with what our elected politicians salaries and perks of office are, perhaps you'd like to try your hand at what our politicians are obligated to do for the nation in order to earn their salary, perks and superannuation entitlements. As we still live in a democratic society, there's nothing to stop you personally [or anyone else - ie Lambie, Muir et al] from standing for a seat in the parliament at the next state or federal election. Or, is there?

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