It's offensive when Tony does it
Police say CommBank bribery charges arise from exec granting a "lucrative IT contract without putting it to tender"

The saga of Rudd's disastrous home insulation scheme drags on and on and on

You may have noticed ads like this in the press of late.

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It's hard to believe, but the saga and wasted money drag on and on and on.

Imagine being one of these companies ruined by the Rudd government, ignored by the Gillard government, and now being put through more and more hoops by the Abbott Government. 
For old time's sake - here's Peter Garret speaking with me on the day he announced the closure of the scheme in February 2010.

 And here's Kevin "Come Over Here Guys" Rudd with his pretend pad, pretend pencil and pretend care-factor.   Kevin was playing to the cameras - watch him pass the pad to a minder on the way out.