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Alan Reid, first witness for the day has been sworn.   He's a 42 year veteran working with City Rail - he became a shop steward with the ETU 22 years ago and has been a member of the State Council of the ETU for 22 years.   Mr Reid has been Treasurer of the ETU NSW for 10 years.   He is not a member o the ALP.

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Mr Reid is not a good advertisement for union governance standards.

He has been the Treasurer of the ETU NSW Branch for 10 years - but he's told the Commission that it was only in the past 5 years or so that he became properly aware of the financial and reporting responsibilities that the Treasurer is accountable for, not only union rules but under the various legislative provision (i.e. law) that regulate unions.

Mr Reid has some recollection of discussing large amounts of ETU money in his role as Treasurer but he can't remember what the large amounts of money were for.   Could have been used to buy a house, could have been given to Labor, who knows?   Apparently everyone just did what Bernie said.

The governance ramifications are obvious.

AT 1039 Mr Reid was excused.

The nest witness is Geoff Prime.

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Thanks to Andrew Casey who is present at the Commission for the following photographs of screened exhibits.