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Dear Islamic Council of Victoria, why does the Christian West have to undo Muslim Jihadi preaching, can't you look after your own people?

The Islamic Council of Victoria tells us this about itself:

About Us

The Islamic Council of Victoria (ICV) is the peak body for Muslim organisations in Victoria.

The ICV represents Victoria’s more than 150,000 Muslims, through its 47 member organisations located throughout metropolitan Melbourne and rural Victoria.

Our vision is to build a better community for all Australians through the empowerment of Muslims in Victoria.

Our office hours are from 10:00am to 4:00pm Monday to Friday


The Islamic Council also says that it's up to the Australian Taxpayer to finance the message that killing and Jihad are no good - here's a report from Melbourne's The Age last week:

Counter violent extremism programs lacking in Australia, say Islamic leaders


Young Muslim men in Melbourne's south-east remain deeply distrustful of authorities and angry about the shooting death of Numan Haider, but have no access to programs that counter extremism, according to an Islamic leader. 
The arrest of five men, aged 18 and 19, on Saturday, came when police uncovered an alleged plot to commit atrocities on Anzac Day. 
But Kuranda Seyit, the secretary of the Islamic Council of Victoria, said the raids would drive another wedge between police and young Muslim men, especially those who had known Haider. 
He said it would have helped police build trust within the community if they had tried to counsel the young men, rather than arrest them.

Andrew Zammit, a researcher at Monash University's Global Terrorism Research Centre, found that programs that are not run by security agencies appeared to have had the most success. 
He wrote that the Abbott Government had committed to three main countering violent extremism (CVE) programs: a $13.4 million effort to assess at-risk individuals and refer them to support services that can help them reject violent extremism, a $21.7 million online program and tailoring Department of Social Services social-cohesion programs to support CVE. 
The programs were announced last August as part of a $630 million counter-terrorism package, after previous programs were stripped of funding in 2013. 
But the first round of grants for the program that Mr Zammit believed was most targeted at potential foreign fighters, the $13.4 million Living Safe Together program, was only allocated last month. 

So how come it's up to us to finance the anti-radical messages when it's the Muslim religion that promotes those messages?   We didn't invent Jihad, you did.

Why don't you just say it's all bullshit, there are no virgins waiting, it's rubbish, just be a brickie or a call centre operator for an insurance company or something and live a happy life.

Thanks to Seeker of Truth, here are the Islamic Council of Victoria's financial statements for 2014 - as the Seeker says, the Islamic Council of Victoria is doing pretty well out of the Australian  Halal Certification income, why not de-radicalise your own problem youth instead of leaving it up to theChristian West to come to your rescue?

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