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Do you care as much about climate change as Waleed Aly?

Sharon Green writes for Melbourne's HeraldSun newspaper.  She must have been watching Channel Ten's The Project last night.   Apparently Waleed Aly go fired up about climate change (which is a politically correct thing to get fired up about.   Getting fired up about Islamism and Sunni Islamists hacking off heads of Shias is not politically correct and thus should be politely avoided at all costs.  But we digress).

Sharon was so impressed by the nice Mr Aly and Twitter and everything that she wrote this story which was published on the HeraldSun website at 10.11PM last night.     I'll republish it for you in its late-night entirety.

Do you care as much about climate change as Waleed Aly?

  • APRIL 16, 2015 10:11PM

WALEED Aly set Twitter alight when he delivered a surprising report on climate change that made people think twice.

The Project presenter outlined the Renewable Energy Target, which is meant to ensure that 20 per cent of electricity used in Australia comes from renewable energy sources by 2020.

Aly expressed disdain at the fact that Australia is one of few countries in the world to see a reduction in jobs and investments in the clean energy sector.

He was further frustrated by the reality that the Australian Government and the audience watching his segment “don’t even care” about the issue.

“The truth is, no one cares,” he said.

But his report was met with praise from viewers and respect from his fellow co-hosts Gretel Killeen and Chrissie Swan.

(you can watch Waleed worked up on the television here)

Do you care as much as Waleed? Tell us what you think below:

The HeraldSun story is here - you can go to their website and leave a comment in answer to the Waleed/Green rhetorical question.

Here's my answer.   No.